GTA V release date in 2013 not so far-fetched

By Alan Ng - Feb 7, 2012

2012 is set to bring a plethora of new and exciting games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Halo 4 and The Last of Us are notable eye-raisers, but the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V game from Rockstar is the one game that can unite gamers, with universal anticipation awaiting its all-important launch date.

It is the launch date for the game that is getting everyone talking as well. After the recent teaser trailer that Rockstar revealed back in November, the main issue that fans were disappointed over, is that Rockstar failed to give an indication on when the game will release.

With the teaser trailer coming at the end of 2011, it is a natural assumption to believe that the game will release towards the end of 2012, but recent whispers online are suggesting that gamers may have to wait as along as 2013 to get their latest Grand Theft Auto fix. A release window is not official, which means that all kinds of speculation is brewing online on potential 2012 and 2013 release dates.

Retailers have been the primary cause for the confusion surrounding a launch date as if you have been checking out some premature listings for the game, you’ll see that 2013 could well be a possibility for when the game is coming out – an obvious disappointment for the millions of fans. One example can be seen over the German and Norwegian GameStop websites which both initially listed a 2013 release date for the game, as detailed in a forum post over at GTAForums. However, it seems that both listings have now been updated since there is no evidence of a 2013 release in sight.

The likes of Amazon though are listing a date happening in 2012, as are Tesco UK who have also put up a release date estimation of 2012. There is obvious a huge wave of expectation that GTA V should release in 2012, but do you possibly see an outcome where the game may release in 2013? Also, don’t rule out the possibility of a delay, as we have seen it time and time again that big name titles fail to release at the initial scheduled month, just look at Final Fantasy Versus XIII as a prime example. Then again, Rockstar are not Square-Enix are they?

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  • Kieren Hayes

    tell me asap when it cums out k

  • Kenyah

    they need to release it this year! 🙁 I can’t wait much longer i needs ma fix of gta!

    • Kieren Hayes

      ture say dude

  • Rockstar baby

    The GTA games are made in the UK so the UK will have more of an idea when the game will be launched.

    Rockstar North in Britain who make all the GTA games have just advertised for videogames testers to test GTA V and other games in the future, offering £14,000 a year,anyone over 18 can apply. They warned the job isnt as great as people think though,as you would have to play the same sections of GTA V over and over and over again for days/weeks to test and find any bugs,you DONT just get a copy of GTA V to play as you wish,you go to Rockstar North in the UK and play sections there at Rockstar North.

    • Kieren Hayes

      hello dudey