Xbox 720 to beat Wii U at its own game, CES 2012 tease?

By Gary Johnson - Jan 9, 2012

The last few weeks there has been a lot of speculation regarding this year’s E3 event in June, and the possibility of some official news on the next Xbox console. Microsoft has distanced itself from this speculation even though new rumors are emerging on a daily basis. Today we have news that the Xbox 720 will beat the upcoming Wii U at its own game by being tablet based.

There are now new rumors that the workings of the next Xbox will feature a multi-core processor alongside a powerful graphics chip. It is also being claimed that Microsoft will talk about the next Xbox as part of Microsoft’s final presentation at this year’s CES event in Las Vegas according to Gamespot.

Going against recent reports it is also being suggested the device will be unveiled at the E3 event in June, and the console will be available to consumers in time for the 2013 holiday season. Earlier today we told you how Microsoft was expanding their Xbox Live service to a variety of platforms. The company is also looking to unify its offering across its Windows, Mobile and Xbox products.

This is thought will reach the ultimate ending with its efforts with the new Xbox, as it is thought tablet components will feature heavily in the company’s new console. The Windows 8 Metro interface that is now available on the Xbox Dashboard is believed to be at the heart of the new system.

Similar to the Wii U the new Xbox could have a tablet PC that will connect to the main unit wirelessly, and be a controller of some kind for certain games. It remains to be seen if Microsoft does mention anything about the next Xbox this year, as the current model is still selling well.

Do you think that Microsoft will reveal any details about the next Xbox this year?

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  • xbox has the best standard controller, though it would be nice if it had 2 rummbelers, and motion controll for driving games. but thinking of a tablet i imagen it being smaller and more controller looking, but its nice to come with it up front then rightcat the ladt 2 years pop their is a kinect. but they should also have a new better kinect, have next xbox run a mod version of windows 8. and have apps for kinect, to sell the new xbox in new places. as for xbox or ps3 copying. whats that dlc and hd and 3d? ya they all copy eachother

    • Yab1998

      the ps3 has the best standard controller because the analogs are next to each other

  • trevor

    Xbox is the Led Zeppelin of gaming.  Everyone and their mom think they’re the best thing since sliced bread but little do they know that all of their greatest achievements are rip offs.  

  • Rsliwec1

    xbox and playstation has been ripping of nintendo for a while now! first was the rumble pack or (controller).    second was the motion controller or ps3 move,not it’s the tablet controller what is next.. i know xbox will be better than nintendo tablet controller,but still xbox/ps3 can’t come with it’s own idea.

    • Rsrihan

      Nintendo also invented the dpad and shoulder buttons, which Sega copied (and later on, Microsoft and Sony). Don’t forget that Sony copied Nintendo’s touch screen portable with the PS Vita since it too now is a touch screen.