Samsung inTouch device turns any HDTV Smart

We recently told you about the first LG TV that was to come with the Google TV feature, as more new TVs now become Smart TVs. Now if you have recently purchased a new HDTV and still want an internet connected TV there is a solution for you, as a new Samsung inTouch device will turn any HDTV Smart.

Samsung has announced its new system at CES2012 that will becoming available in March, and basically sits on top of any HDTV. The device looks similar to the Microsoft Kinect and will add Skype functionality to your TV among other things. According to a report it also features built-in Wi-Fi and will allow you to search the internet and connect with YouTube.

It will come preloaded with applications and has 720p HD video with a nice QWERTY keyboard to make all that internet searching nice and straight forward. The camera has a tilt range of -30 degrees to 0 degrees. This will allow more flexibility when using the camera for still images, and an integrated USB port will allow you to easily upload images to Facebook.

The webcam has 3-megapixels and the operating system is a scaled down version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Other preloaded applications include Google News and Weather, and will be available in March from retailers for $199.99/£130.

Will you like to turn your HDTV into a Smart TV?



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