PS3 firmware update 4.01: New features may include video editing

By Alan Ng - Jan 9, 2012

We recently spoke about Sony’s follow-up to the PS3 may be in need of an interface makeover, as many PS3 owners feel that the current XMB is outdated. Many still cling on to the hope of Sony providing more interface changes on the PS3 though, and such changes may come in the highly anticipated 4.01 update.

The release of firmware 4.00 was met with groans of disappointment as after months of hype and speculation that a huge update was coming, Sony failed to deliver with any notable new features for users.

However, we now have some good news for you as it appears that Sony may be looking to give PS3 users something to be happy about, with the release of video editing software for the system. A report by Engadget has revealed grainy images of the software in action and we can tell you that these images have been taken in Las Vegas at this week’s CES bonanza.

The software may release on the PS3 as ‘PlayMemories Studio’ and further hints behind this becoming a reality could be seen in a new Facebook page that has also been set up. It is hardly a feature which PS3 owners have been crying out to see, but it is a nice addition nevertheless, and we’re guessing that this will also be a free application in a future firmware update.

What other features (if any) will firmware update 4.01 bring to the PS3, more importantly – what would you like to see? We think its safe to assume that cross-game chat will never appear on the PS3 anymore, as you’re best off buying a PS Vita now if you want to experience this feature. What are your thoughts on Sony possibly bringing a video editing application to the PS3 – would you use this or is it completely worthless in your opinion?

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  • S0000

    Hello we still can’t use the DMV to play music on most games. That’s weak. Xbox could do that outta the box day one

  • Godindav

    Yeah!!! features no one… and I mean NO ONE has asked for!!! Way to knock it out of the park Sony!!! For the love of god… I am done defending this company.  Xbox for me next time. 

  • necronomicon

    I personally would rather want to see media software on the PS3. I am SO tired of struggling with streams that buffer and don’t work. Some kind of media player than can play almost all formats will be fantastic.

    • Martin Boukes

      I agree with this. Being able to play movies directly on the PS3 without streaming will be fantastic.

  • totally & completely worthless. you can do that on the computer, or even natively via some websites, still on your computer. why are they wasting time with this crap. it’s way overdue for a UI/UX overhaul!

  • D-Rok

    It’s pretty pointless really. It’s main function being a gaming system, second being a blu-ray player. I don’t see a huge reason to implement some sort of video editing tool when anyone serious about video editing will just use their pc’s with much better software and functionality for that purpose. That addition to the features on the ps3 will not appeal to enough people.

  • moorbre

    it already has video editing :S am i missing something :S

  • Plested83