MW3 DLC ideas to enhance Survival Mode

By Jamie Pert - Jan 9, 2012

A weekend of bad weather and new-year’s resolutions resulted in me staying at home for most of the weekend, therefore as I am a massive fan of Call of Duty Zombie mode I thought it was about time that I gave MW3’s Survival Mode a good try out. After dozens of hours of gameplay I have to admit that I am growing very fond of this horde mode, but I do think that DLC and updates could make it even greater – today I will share my ideas with you.

Perhaps the most obvious way to improve survival mode would be to add new maps, we are impressed by the fact that there are already 16 maps available, however we think its pretty much set-in-stone that more maps will arrive and we welcome them. Perhaps Infinity Ward will bring some classic maps from previous Modern Warfare games to survival mode, if so we think that Favela, Highrise, Invasion, Karachi, and Wasteland would all be great – what previous CoD maps would you like to see?

Adding maps is one way to diversify survival mode, but there’s a much simpler way which could come via a minor title update. At the moment maps are split into four tiers, Tier 1 consists of four maps which are set to ‘Easy’ in terms of difficulty, Tier 2 is unlocked at level 8 and the four maps in this Tier are ‘Regular’, the next four maps come at level 15 in Tier 3 and they are considered ‘Hard’, whilst at level 25 you unlock Tier 4’s Insane maps. We think that it would be great if you could choose which difficulty you played a map at, one example of this is Underground – this maps’s layout is great for survival, but it’s too easy, obviously higher waves get harder, but we’d much rather start off at a harder difficulty.

Another minor change which could make a huge difference is the player count, currently survival mode can be played with either 1 or 2 players, however in zombies there was room for up to 4. We think that bumping MW3 survival mode up to 4 players (max) would be great, in fact even 3 would be an improvement, it would make things easier, but undoubtedly allow you to reach higher waves than ever before and allow you to apply new tactics.

There’s plenty to purchase when battling your way through a game of survival, but could things improve? There’s always room for improvement in our opinion and here’s some ideas we’ve had. Firstly it would be nice if you could add proficiencies to your guns just like you can use in multiplayer, also why not add some more attachments? Examples include the heartbeat sensor, thermal scope and hybrid scope – what do you think?

Currently there are no options in terms of melee attacks except the standard knife, but why not add better weaponry like there was in zombies? The Bowie Knife and Sickle were great, but seem too old-fashioned to suit survival mode. We have been racking our brains trying to think about more up-to-date replacements, but can’t think of any, therefore feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

One gripe I have with survival mode is with the squads which you can deploy, the Delta Squad and Riot Shield Squad can come in handy, but they tend to get in the way far too often. We think that there should be a way to choose the area where these squads should hold down, perhaps when you call in the squad you could point to a certain area on a map and that’s where they’d stay until they get killed off.

Whilst we researched information for this article we saw lots of comments suggesting that the Air Support Armoury should feature offerings which are available as killstreak rewards in multiplayer, we disagree as it would be too easy to take hundreds of enemies out with things like the PaveLow, this also applies to calling in dogs – both ideas are rubbish in our opinion. One thing which would be welcomed by us is a more expensive sentry gun which doesn’t overheat quickly – perhaps you could independently buy upgrades for your deployed turrets – what do you think? Finally wouldn’t it be nice if you could throw decoys to confuse the enemy, especially Juggernauts!

As you can see we have lots of ideas and all of them are pretty sensible in our opinion, but before we leave you we have some other ideas which didn’t quite make the cut, we pondered about adding wonder weapons which randomly show up on the map, but we thought it would somewhat negate the ‘realistic’ feel of survival mode, we also thought about easter eggs, but you don’t get enough time between round (there’s no crawlers don’t forget)- one thing we want no-matter what is more achievements and trophies which reward hardcore survival mode gamers – agreed?

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  • Ceo Cop O

    I would love 2 have Custom Classes with your perks and leveled up guns and all the killstreaks attack dogs

  • mike

    I would like to see all juggernauts from mw2 and mw3 combined in a round.

  • Mike

    I also  think more attachments like heartbeat sensor and hybrid scope like those examples and thermal. Also keeping more than 2 grenade in the grenade launcher like 10 max for your gun.

    • Mike

      Extended mags for all of the guns up to 600 or 630 and for lmg’s 600-900.

  • Mike

    Bring back bouncing betty to survival for enemies and us…, sniper squads, and RPG squads enemies/friendlies. Also get the reaper to shoot by marking as much missiles at a time. Then take the strafe run and assault drone to the game with osprey gunner, stealth bomber, pavelow and it’ll be awesome.

  • Mike

    3 more ideas: Bring back the old jump and land from black ops, try to add new speed run aim which means like juggernauts when they are shooting and running at the same time but you only walk and shoot (maybe for multiplayer) and a smoke grenade.

  • Mike

    Body armor extra armor about 1500 or more xp to make yourself powerful and ready to go.

    • Mike

      Being the juggernaut can be awesome just like multiplayer.

  • Mike

    Finally they should make the game with these things included on my comments not too hard but right for us fairly, even though there are hard maps.

  • Mike

    Sorry : maps that are impossible harder than insane.

  • Mike

    Renaming: SAM turrets regular and the A-10 thunderbolt should be included with the reaper in it for new maps called veteran.

  • Mike

    Mike:Call in only five delta and riotshields squad and juggernauts at it would be fantastic so your own juggs with a decent cost to buy them and only can buy them 1 time if you buy all of them. (Mike Jr.): hey people, just an added idea that u should really bring back the guns from mw2and1 ( favorite and best weapons, LMG’S m240 or m249, assaults tar 21, Scar H, and etc..

  • Mike

    P.S: Bring back old maps such as those examples on this page and extra new worldwide maps like China ,Japan ,Poland, etc.. with day and night and weather too. Also more perks you can keep and your teammate ; the share can be 1000 bucks for a secondary share and tanks to battle or miniguns that you can have unlimited or up to you limited. The juggernauts can be harder after wave 50 with their own weapons that you can steal and basically enemy air support like AC-130 and predator attackers with multiples of these in larger maps as well that can be the insane and a new level called impossible. Lastly boss rounds can be added juggernauts maybe or a terminator not like in the movies but somewhat similiar in whatever wave and keep 3 weapons at once with semtex grenades and decoys to distract juggs but take half (not all of their health) to upgraded sentries.

  • Mike

    I can say that Infinity ward should put lots of new maps probably 16 more in total for the next 8 months or more in good graphics and get a hardened jugg suit. Then attack dogs of course, calling your own helicopter and airstrikes, SAM plane turret and more players so people can get their experience in survival offline or online like 4 players split screen and 25 players with teams name like seals, delta force etc…

  • JD2020

    im ready for some new maps to come out

  • JD2020

    i think u should be able to call in a attack dogs that follow u around that protect u while u r upgrading a weapon your something

  • Redd2112

    I think you should be able to have more than one missle or marker at one time that would help a lot on the survivor mode, and the call in guys you should be able to put them somewhere and them stay there because they do get in the way all the time.


    I personally think whatever they add to suvival mode, whether it would be guns, killstreaks, perks, WAFFLE WEAPONS, would be an amazing upgrade. The level cap to me could be changed, or maybe even the ability to prestige ONLY to upgrade your character Via damage multiplier, health multiplier, ammo etc. Im totally sucked into survival, having said all that i want MORE!!

  • Tango Delta

    What a bunch of babies…”I think it would be better with 3 or 4 players” or “I think that they should make it more like zombies”….piss on zombies, if you don’t like spec ops the way it is then take your a$$ back to cod black ops and play zombies.

  • Glaciusx25

    Please explain why you would want a heartbeat sensor when there is a constant spy plane which reveals ALL enemies anyway?

  • Wagnerj21

    how about camo for your gun or maybe even vehicles idk but the game needs something me and al my friends agree hat its just missing something that makes it so you want to play it over and over.

    more than 2 players
    easter eggs
    reviving before self revive saves self revive
    more weaons
    being able to give ammo during combat
    adding the rest of the launchers,tactical,and lethals
    unlimited time in between rounds
    a small story type goal that unlocks a mega weapon

    there is players who love the whole survival idea but it just doesnt have what it could
    there is so many possibilities
    but right now it just seems like u didnt take much time on it

  • I love the idea, maybe make ever 10 rounds have a unlimited timer untill the next round and when everyone is ready they have to ready up. that way you can buy everything you need.

  • Josh

    they need to bring out a sniper lobby in the community playlist + bring back all the great trickshotting maps like highrise and terminal!

  • David

    I think being able to buy upgrades to the weapons would be great such as an increase in Squad members (Obviously the number is changed in the event that an increase in players occurs and sentries like increase in ammo clips (I notice they have a “Reloading” phase where they stop shooting) Faster reloads, shooting, faster aiming, stronger bullets, further range of shooting (Maybe a shotgun turret in tight corners) wider range of shooting and maybe an unnoticeable turret that enemies have to get closer to spot. Having helicopter support would make the game to easy 

  • Masonhashemi

    I have not played this game with even two players yet. I enjoy it with just one player. It’s more intense and helps you rank up quicker. It’s much better than creepy zombie mode from black ops. It’s nice they made it co-op but I think it’s better and more challenging to play with 1 or 2 players. Earn more xp too. The spec ops are more excellente

  • Urban Oneshot

    Its an absoloute discrace that its only 2 player. They’re supposed to be moving forward, I was expacting something like 5 or 6! They made the same stupid mistake in MW2 so naturally they’d fix it but of course they wouldn’t. I don’t care that they didn’t have time, this should have been their main priority. What Robert Bowling said was bullshit “We feel its much more tactical with 2 players as 1 can’t be carried by the abilities of the other player”. This isn’t even true, I’ve played plenty of games where the other player has hardly ever played COD and we’ve still made it to round 28. Anyway Its much more tactical with 4 players not 2.                                                                                                                                                         As far as developing it is concerned they definetly could do some stuff. Add in lasers on your guns ( simaler to that MW2 spec ops mission ) to point to where the gign/delta go or at the very least make it so they don’t follow you to armories betwean rounds. Add proper weapon attachments like extended mags, rapid fire and akimbo and some upgrades like stronger bullets, more shotgun pellets, damage multiplyers to juggernauts and airsupport etc. Also more perks and the ability to get perk pros e.g danger close, blast shield, final stand, commando also the ability to get more perks. More squads and killstreaks are good too maybe sniper squads, squad of nine soldiers only with pistols, an ah6 for a shprt amount of time and at a high cost? Also some more equipment like c4 as powerful as dead mans hand c4 at a high cost                

    Sadly I don’t think they’ll ever update survival since it hasn’t been mentioned at all.

  • newworldorgone

    The 4 players is less an idea and more common sense, at first I was angry that I couldn’t find a 3rd and 4th, then I realized that it was only 2 people, I’ve barely played since. 4 sentry guns, 4 squads, 4 predator missiles, 40 claymores and C4, and at least 1 RPG. In 2 player, it makes sense that when 1 person dies, the game ends, but with 4 players, the person could just respawn the next round with just the pistol, just like in Zombies. You should also be able to get 3 or 4 perks instead of 1, and the guns should obviously be able to have proficiencies and all Multiplayer attachments. The sentries are decent and I like that the enemy will pay attention to them and shoot them, even the dogs bite them. So obviously the remote sentry makes sense, but only with 4 players, since it’d leave only 1 person moving around with 2, an assault sentry also makes sense, but would need to be expensive to keep it from being overpowered. The squads need to be able to be directed, like in Vegas and other tactical shooters, so they don’t just stand there and get massacred. Until 4 people can play, I won’t be playing this at any time, I’ll just play Brawl that I got for Christmas.

    Far more important than Survival though is Multiplayer, there are many small problems, but I’d rather deal with the big issue of game modes. The objective based modes are often very fun, but when you’re dealing with a camped B, CTF and Defender flag, or the last Demolition bomb, the game goes down hill very quickly, unless you’re a sniper. Even Team Deathmatch has a lot of what I call “corner camping”, just sitting in the corner behind a box, waiting for someone to run around the corner, or the classic “window campers” which are the cousin of “peaking campers”, all of which are “crouch/prone campers”. That’s what I love about Kill Confirmed, you can’t win by camping and shooting people far away, you at least have to come out to collect, so it is the least campy of all game modes. So I started by thinking that I wanted Domination with Kill Confirmed, then I figured I’d add as much as I could.

    3 Domination points, 2 CTF Flags, 1 Defender Flag dropped by first person killed, 2 Demolition Bombs anyone can arm, but it arms slower, disarms quicker, and takes 90 seconds to explode. Then all of the Kill Confirmed Tags, probably Big Team only, and about 350 points to win. With so many objectives, you can actually grab flags and kill the Defender flag holder, instead of 5 people camping in front of and behind the flags. When the game starts, most people would go for a bomb, since there are only 2 to detonate for the whole game, this splits up those going for it into 2 since they’re both equal distance from where the teams spawn. While some will go for B, others try to grab a quick flag, the Defender hangs near the back, while many people still just play it like it’s TDM and Kill Confirmed. Mostly the bombs and B would have 2-3 separate fire fights going on for some time, leaving the flags and A or C far less guarded.

    This keeps everyone running to objectives instead of creeping around corners and peaking over barriers. Maps like Bakaara, Underground, and Resistance are much different on Domination, moving the fighting to the B lane, the same goes for CTF flags and the bombs. With all of these objectives, many of which would need to be moved to balance the maps, it would create a whole new experience for each map, and this makes it fresh for those who only play certain objective game modes. Domination and Defender points would go up by 1 in the same Domination time increments and up by 1 for each Confirm. Blowing up a bomb or capturing a flag gets your team 20 points, to promote going for objectives, arming and grabbing get your team 5 points, while disarming and returning get your team 1 point. Killing the Defender Flag carrier gets your team 5 points, either team grabbing it immediately gives that team 1 point, then goes up with the Domination points. I call it Pandemonium or Cornucopia, it makes Drop Zone look like a joke, and it is the only game mode that I would play. They should make it a Community Playlist, I would pay $15 for it. Also, we should be able to pay for double xp, or at least if we have an Elite subscription.

    • David

      I actually love the idea of this, they need to upgrade their game modes by far and they should have had more modes than just DROP ZONE in the Community Playlist like Mike Myers (Similar to Infection but only one person is on at a time and they switch consecutively) and Cops and Robbers. These game modes would make a great addition to the MW3 experience along with the rest of the private match modes like Juggernaut (Although Team Juggernaut would be more fair in the points and ranking system) And also Hide and Seek (1 player is on and others have to hide. The chosen player has a first spawn delay to allow others to hide and the chosen player has to stab the other players to find them) I don’t think paying for double XP would be suitable as many people that own the game and pay for it would have an unfair advantage to other players such as allowing higher prestige and unlocking weapons (and attachments much easier)

  • Jamesfredchapman

    I think having 4 players is a brillant idea and i would love it to be
    Included in survival mode because online some of my mates get
    Left out and yes it would make the game easier But it will make
    The game so much more fun to play and to injoy

  • Pvt_Forest_Gump

    I think a remote sentry would be cool, make it like timed so you can’t just stay on it forever. Decoy gernades would be nice, it could give you a few more seconds of breather room to go and get stuff or regroup to a new location. the assault drone would be cool, I like the turrent upgrade idea like increased shoot time before over heating, longer distence lock on, increased bullet damage quicker lock on speed. I know this might sound kind of outragious but mabe a moab that just kills all the enimies like in zombies the nuke icon, make it cost like 50,000 or more what ever you feel is needed, to get you past that round that is just giving you trouble. and mabe add in like when you start a match you get to choose a gun to start with not the one that is already given to you, make it just certain level ones. Not like the high end ones like the mk or type 95, the ACR, M4, AK, SCAR, or M16 so people have a decent gun to start with not just a pistle. Also you should be able to get extended mags on your guns and be able to get proficentcies on your guns like kick, impact, and speed when your using a LMG. This is all I can think on right know.