Diablo 3 release date teased by retailers, Blizzard laughs

By Gary Johnson - Jan 9, 2012

Quite often with a new blockbuster game that is in the pipeline the developer often doesn’t announce an official release date for it. This leads to months of speculation and rumors with suggested dates, and now a Diablo 3 release date is teased by retailers, but Blizzard laughs about them.

According to a report on Joystiq a local Best Buy store was showing a display that showed a launch of February 1st, which had a countdown timer alongside the display. A store employee stressed at the time that February 1st was the launch date, and midnight openings would coincide with the launch.

The game has been delayed from its original 2011 release date and the Best Buy website was also showing the same date for release. Meanwhile over in the UK retailer Gameplay were showing a release date of February 3rd in the country, which would have fallen in line with the proposed US release timeframe.

Then it came to light that the Best Buy store had been asked to take down the display by the general manager. This wasn’t because the manufacturer had requested its removal, but because there wasn’t a firm date given.

Following this speculation Blizzards Micah Bashiok took to Twitter to respond to the retailers suggested dates, and said “The word is lol”. It was added the company couldn’t prevent retailers from making up their own release date, and they wouldn’t know anything about a date until it was announced via an official press release from the company.

Are you looking forward to the Diablo 3 release?

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  • Game makers want people to talk about it for months, or in the case of any blizz game, YEARS… But any fan of Blizz will tell you first hand, Blizz has no clue on how to make a game right… This does not mean they don’t make a good game, they just have no clue of what they are doing. Just look at WOW…Put out the game with all the screw up, make the player put up with… then fix it when they see fit..One of the reason i stop playing WOW. was the way they do things.. Put out junk that don’t work, and fix what people cry about… Blizz has never put out a working game ever, and God help you, if you stand in line to get it on the first day.. When you get it home you have a 99% of finding out just how Blizz does things.. Ask any WOW fan how many weeks did it talk to get the last XPAC to work right? Then you can add all the hacks on any Blizz game.. D2 is one of the most hacked games around, and WOW is not much better. This only shows how bad Blizz is at making a game, and just how silly it was for me to keep giving them my hard earned money.. It Will not happen again…