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AT&T Galaxy Note: CES 2012 secret everyone knows

CES 2012 is expected to bring a plethora of new smartphones and tablet devices to thirsty tech enthusiasts around the world. One existing product that is already out in Europe but is thought to be releasing soon in the US is the Samsung Galaxy Note.

We have previously given you some information that a 4G supported Galaxy Note for Sprint could be one of the carrier’s main highlights at the event in Las Vegas, but now we have details on how an AT&T Galaxy Note may threaten to steal Sprint’s thunder, especially since AT&T’s version may come with support for 4G LTE.

Although not making an official statement on the Samsung Galaxy Note yet, an AT&T version is seemingly in the pipeline, evidence in the fact that press shots have now found their way online and can be viewed over at Pocketnow. The images follow another near-confirmation from accessory makers Anymode, who slipped up by initially outing an AT&T Galaxy Note, only to retract their statement shortly afterwards – probably after a harsh exchange of words from AT&T.

So that leads us nicely back to CES 2012. It remains to be seen if either Sprint or AT&T will be unveiling new smartphones, but one safe bet is that both carriers will be unveiling plans to launch the Galaxy Note in the US. If AT&T and Sprint do pick up the Galaxy Note, which carrier would be your preference? AT&T’s 4G LTE network may be faster than 4G WiMAX, but current Sprint customers will know that customer service remains one of Sprint’s strong points and the same cannot be said for AT&T.

One potential ship date for the AT&T Galaxy Note could be February 14th, as seen in one of the press images. Will the Sprint version be available before, after or on the exact same date as an AT&T version? Time will tell though and CES has all the answers you’re looking for.



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