No PS4 reveal at E3 2012 only slim chance of Xbox 720?

In recent days there has been heightened speculation that we could be about to see the next generation of gaming consoles form Microsoft and Sony. It has been claimed that the devices would make their debut at this year’s E3 event in June. Now there are claims that there will be no PS4 reveal at E3 2012, and only a slim chance of the Xbox 720.

Despite all the recent speculation respected analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities, believes there will be no big reveal at this year’s show. He claims there is no chance that Sony will reveal the next PlayStation, and only a twenty chance of a new Xbox showcase according to Forbes.

Pachter added that because “Neither console is launching in 2013, so there’s no reason to tease them in 2012.” When Nintendo first revealed the Wii they waited until last year’s E3 event before revealing their new device, and they will also have it at CES 2012.

Out of the three companies Nintendo is set to offer more launch information for the next gen console, and is set to allow developers the chance to provide apps for the console and wireless tablet controller.

Sony will also be showing the PS Vita at CES and has often stated the PS3 will have a ten year life span, which it is repeating for the Vita. Sony has kept the PS3 updated with regular firmware upgrades that has brought new features such as 3D compatibility.

If Sony is to launch the PS4 in around two years time, announcing a new console this coming June doesn’t make sense. The company has some big new titles upcoming for the current system, so to start promoting new hardware could affect sales of these.

The Xbox 360 is still doing really well and also has some great titles in the pipeline, and many developers believe the next version will arrive in 2014. The console has also seen new features added since it was first released, and Kinect has really helped the device to evolve.

Would 2014 be a good year for the next gen consoles to be release, or do you think it will be sooner?



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