Samsung smartphone sales soar as HTC’s hit slump

By Chris Cook - Jan 7, 2012

Christmas seems to have affected various manufacturers differently this time around with some benefitting from it and some actually losing profit due to the beneficiaries gaining upper-hand. A prime example of this is the record sales that Samsung experienced as they soared while HTC found that their sales had actually slumped.

The news comes after Samsung’s quarterly sales report showed that they had received a surge in smartphone sales bringing in record profits for the South Korean based firm allowing them retain their title as the biggest technology company in the world in terms of sales. The report showed that an estimated 35 million smartphones were shipped during the quarter, around a 20% increase from the previous quarter.

According to the Register the Samsung Galaxy S II Android smartphone led the way when it came to sales with their 7” Galaxy Note tablet also selling well. A total profit of approximately $4.5 billion is reported to have been made which is 22% more than the last quarter and a staggering 73% more than the same time last year.

Meanwhile things were a little gloomier for their Taiwanese rival HTC, as the fourth biggest smartphone maker found that their quarterly sales took a dip for the first time in two years, which is surprising consider they are manufacturing there best products so far and some of the best product on the market. The profits they made were 26% lower than the same time last year. Experts are now expressing their concern for the company as the market looks to become even more competitive this this year and face some tough competition in both Samsung and the almighty Apple.

Do you think HTC have cause for concern? What do you think of the HTC products compared with other manufacturers’ products?

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  • HTC needs to make better screens and make their phones batteries last longer.

  • Canoe_polo

    Htc will be looking to claw back lost ground with the release of quad-core phones asap.

  • Pikeing-74

    Htc are a great phone maker and do a great job one of best