Rumor: Xbox 720 to come first but PS4 more powerful

By Gary Johnson - Jan 7, 2012

Yesterday we brought you the rumors that both Microsoft and Sony would be showcasing their next gaming consoles at this year’s E3 event in June. We then wondered if we would see any such reveal by either company this year considering some of the big name titles already in the pipeline for the current generation of console. Today we have a new rumor about the Xbox 720 that will come out first, but the PS4 will be more powerful.

The rumor mill about the next consoles from both companies is in overdrive, as CVG are reporting that according to PSM3’s development sources the new PlayStation has specifications that are more powerful than the next Xbox. The same sources are also claiming that Microsoft will beat Sony to the market by a few months with the new Xbox model.

Meanwhile Xbox World is claiming that the next Xbox console will arrive late in 2013 and have a PowerPC based processor. This will be made by IBM and will come with Kinect 2.0 bundled with the console. They also think the PS4 will outperform the next Xbox model with processing power as well, and instead Microsoft is to concentrate on “utility and innovation”.

It is still believed that the two companies will be showing off their new hardware at E3, which will steal Nintendo’s thunder with the planned Wii U re-reveal. There will be many gamers happy waiting the best part of two years before we see a new Xbox come to the market. If Microsoft do beat Sony to the table by a few months and release the new Xbox late next year, it could be 2014 before the PS4 makes an appearance.

Would you be happy with a late 2013 release for the new Xbox?

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  • Very much doubt this. Sony claimed that about the PS3 and it let us gamers down. Microsoft bought rights to impressive tech, which includes HYpermax tech and a direct stacked cpu, memory chip that runs faster then multiple I7’s, with equivent to 12 cores with a HT tech that gives it 24 virtual cores.
    Microsoft is not phased by a generic AMD 8 core, AMD solution, when they have AMD still udner their wings and have the rights to the later technology, so perhaps sony settles for what they could get.
    However titles make the difference. At least this time SOny doesn’t seem to be goig nthe poor memory design route. Even tho by the tiem it launches, it’s still midline.

  • Cory-97

    They can take as long as they like
    Because we all know it will be 10000million times better than anything Xbox has to show :

  • Sliwec1

    ps4 baby!! can’t wait

  • Therocc1

    Honestly, as long as the x box doesn’t break down an easy as the 360 and comes with some wicked exclusives, I might buy it

  • Pikeing-74

    And hope Xbox 720 is more powerful than ps4 this time

  • Pikeing-74

    Would be happy with late 2013 Xbox 720 release or 2014 just got a new Xbox 360 after old one went wrong on Xmas day

  • Anonymous

    LOL! So Playstation Magazine says PS4 is more powerful than Xbox 3, when neither company has even announced a console, or even confirmed an introduction, much less a release date? Xbox Magazine proclaims Xbox 3 more powerful than PS4!!! News at 11.

  • Anonymous

    As long as its fully backwards compatible, count me in.