Glasses free 3D TV from Toshiba landing in US Q1 2012, pricey?

By Gary Johnson - Jan 7, 2012

The majority of new HDTV sets being released recently are of the 3D variety, but many people avoid the technology because of the need to wear glasses while watching the TV. If there are a few of you all want to watch the 3D content the expense can go up as more sets of glasses are needed. We have seen Nintendo bring out the 3DS that doesn’t require such glasses, and now the idea is moving to the big screen as well. Glasses free 3D TV from Toshiba is tipped to be landing in the US during Q1 2012, but could be pricey.

According to a report the company is planning to make available glasses-free 3D TV to US consumers during the first quarter of 2012. It would be the first device of its kind in the American market, and will be similar to sets from Toshiba in both Germany and Japan.

These were released back in December in respective countries, and the 55LZ2 retails for over $10,000 in their currencies. A Toshiba representative has revealed that the US version would be similar to what is available in the two countries, but couldn’t reveal the model numbers or screen sizes, except that they will be big.

Both the versions found in the European market and Japan use the 55-inch 4K resolution screens, but in 3D mode this is limited to an effective resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. Toshiba is set to showcase an improved prototype at CES 2012 on Sunday in Las Vegas. It is thought there are some differences between the model that were shown at last year’s show.

Would you get a glasses free 3D TV if the price was right?

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