Sprint Galaxy Nexus release date could be a reality

By Gary Johnson - Jan 6, 2012

Back in December Verizon released the Galaxy Nexus to its customers as the first device running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. For a time last year it was believed that Verizon would be the only carrier in the US to offer the handset, but later doubts about this were raised. Now we can tell you that a Sprint Galaxy Nexus release date could be about to become a reality.

An article over at Cnet is reporting that an ad was accidentally published for the CES 2012 show, which showed off the Galaxy Nexus and running on Sprints 4G LTE network. The advert also highlighted the 4G LTE feature to avoid confusion about Sprints current 4G WiMax service.

Sprint themselves declined to make any comment about the handset being made available to its customers. Sprint offering the Galaxy Nexus or any other 4G LTE device fits in with what Sprint Nextel CEO, Dan Hesse, recently said. He claimed the company was set to launch its 4G LTE network in ten cities in the first half of 2012, which will surely mean handsets coming as well.

Having the Galaxy Nexus as one of the first devices for the network makes sense as it has received many good reviews since its launch. Sprint could be about to announce the Galaxy Nexus at the CES 2012 event that starts next week, and could be as early as next Monday.

If Sprint were to offer the handset it would help keep the carrier up with rivals AT&T and Verizon, who are launching many new 4G LTE devices in the coming months. Would you like to see the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint?

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  • Sleepnumber

    It doesn’t matter to me what Sprint bring out because the simply don’t have the infrastructure to run the device. Lying Dan Hesse holds no credibility with me as he told me my Hot Spot feature on my Evo “4G” was unlimited data and I signed a 2 year contract. Now the Hot Spot feature is a 5GB cap on it. When quizzed I was informed the Hot Spot feature was an option and not included in “the contract”. When Dan was in our living rooms on our TV’s Sprint ads certainly never mentioned this fact. Sprint data speeds are terrible and with the addition of the iPhone horrendous! I don’t believe anything Sprint says when they talk about future plans regarding high speed coming to your city soon. The Sprint “hurry up and wait” Network has a long history of over promising but not delivering. Unlimited data plans means nothing when you crawl on the internet and time out or buffer every 30 seconds! I won’t believe anything Dan Hesse says until I see it. BTW… still waiting for the opt out regarding Carrier IQ.