Sony PS4, Xbox 720: 2012 reveal timing questionable

By Alan Ng - Jan 6, 2012

We have more feedback to bring you now on the big story this week which has sent shockwaves throughout the gaming industry. It has been considered that we may see a new console announced from Microsoft in 2012, but nobody expected to hear that Sony may also be preparing to unleash their PlayStation 4 console this year as well.

If you missed the story just earlier today, we told you how UK trade website MCV is citing an ”exemplary” and “ultra high level” source for the information which claims that the world will see the Sony PS4 and next Xbox console, dubbed the Xbox ‘720’.

However, it will be met with a lot of surprise amongst current console owners who believe that it is still far too early for next-generation consoles to hit the market. Obviously the Nintendo Wii U is on the way this year, so could this be the big factor that is effectively forcing Sony and Microsoft to out their new consoles ahead of schedule?

Another thing to take to consideration is that both consoles are far from ‘dead’ at the moment. PlayStation 3 users have the highly impressive exclusive title in The Last of Us to look forward to which is being developed by Uncharted makers Naughty Dog, while Xbox 360 users on the other hand have a brand new Halo game to look forward to, with Halo 4 marking the long awaited return of Master Chief.

A lot of people will welcome seeing both Sony and Microsoft unveil brand new consoles at E3 this Summer, but we have a feeling that the majority of gamers may feel like it is a year too early. Don’t forget that the information is a rumor at this point, and is unlikely to be confirmed by either Sony or Microsoft unless some major evidence is leaked out.

What are your thoughts on these outrageous rumors – is it too early to see the Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 at E3 2012 or not?

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  • if u want a breath-taking gta 5 then we need the next generation consoles.

  • if u want a breath-taking gta 5 then we need the next generation consoles.

  • i think its grate timing for a new xbox and wii. i think a new xbox would have more media apps, kinect 2, and run on a mod version of windows 8. wouldent be suprised if it had some more…computer like apps. wii and xbox would be amazing at games and different ways to play. ps4 i think would try to rethink move andfail again, psvita should stay their focus till it can hold its own which its not doing well. ps4 is going to be the odd man out. xbox and wii u well have lots of media apps, better graphics, new ways to play, and i dont feel the ps4 well be able to find its own ground. move was stupid, blue ray has lost ground due to digital/cloud (though i do like the scratch resistant layer). they better come up with something good

    • Alastair95


  • Micahleevincent

    The hardware on the xbox and playstation is wayyy behind the pc market. There shouldn’t be any framerate drops while console gaming, and there is plenty. I’m ready for a new xbox that doesn’t suck

  • scala

    Im down for a release this year, sold my consols while they are still hot!

  • anouncment this year., release next year

  • SupermanCRS22_97

    make it short and simple… you guys are correct it is too early especially if the other systems are not out dated yet just because nintendo is coming with the wii u dont mean they have to react because at that point if they send out crappy units they will just lose more money in the end. Also the nintendo i believe is not a system for serious gamers so microsoft and sony really have no reason to worry about the wii u…

  • Pikeing-74

    It’s way to early for Xbox 720

    • ive had my xbox 360 since 2005. do you know how much technology advances in 7 years.