Ninja Gaiden 3: 30 minutes gameplay lacks dismemberment

If you are interested in picking up the third installment to the popular Ninja Gaiden series, then you’ll want to check out this new gameplay video we have for you. This is not a teaser trailer of any sort though, instead a full 30 minutes of non stop gameplay from the first level of Ninja Gaiden 3.

The gameplay is taken from a demo version of the game and shows hero Ryu Hayabusa in the unfamiliar territory of London, England as the new game will see Ryu travel to different parts of the world unlike previous games in the franchise where the focus was very much on Japanese culture.

The aspect of this gameplay that we wanted to focus on though is dismemberment, as if you haven’t already heard, Ninja Gaiden 3 will not allow you to chop the arms and limbs off opponents any more. If you played previous games, you’ll know that this was a core feature which many fans loved and it is going to be a brutal blow to see this feature lacking in Ninja Gaiden 3.

The game does feature a frequent amount of blood, with Team Ninja even designing the game so that blood spatters across the screen briefly as you cut through enemies with your trusty blade. However, there’s still no dismemberment whatsoever in the game and we have a feeling that some of you may miss this as essentially it is what separates Ninja Gaiden from any other standard hack and slash type of game.

Is this a sign that future Ninja Gaiden games will also feature no dismemberment? Could Team Ninja possibly be in danger of gearing Ninja Gaiden towards a much more mainstream audience rather than staying true to their roots and making the game as brutal as possible? Personally speaking, the lack of arms and legs flying about is a big blow and if you have played Ninja Gaiden 2 you will probably agree.

Check out the full gameplay below courtesy of OXM and let us know your thoughts on the decision to remove dismemberment – is it a correct one in your eyes?



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