MW3 spawn trapping systems nerfed at 2am PT & more bans dished out

By Jamie Pert - Jan 6, 2012

Yesterday we told you that the guys at Infinity Ward admitted that they had work to do on Modern Warfare 3’s spawn system and Theater, well it turns out that they weren’t messing about and we can now confirm that revenge spawns and spawn trapping should soon be a thing of the past.

Since the game’s release we have said that MW3’s spawn system was far-from perfect, this led to people spawn trapping their enemies and ruining thousands of multiplayer games, but the tweet below from Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling confirms that we shouldn’t have to worry about this any more.

Updating the spawn logic in Modern Warfare 3 tonight (2am PT). This will improve when / where / how you spawn. Goodbye revenge spawns. #MW3

The 140 character limit on Twitter has meant that we are left asking one important question: Is this spawn logic update coming to all platforms? To be honest with you we would have thought Bowling would have specified individual platforms in his tweet if it wasn’t being rolled out to everyone, however we asked Bowling to clarify this and we are currently waiting for an answer.

As you can see he has stated that the update should go live at 2am PT, this equates to roughly 10.00am on Friday in London, 7.00pm on Friday in Tokyo and 5.00am in New York – check out this link to see what time it equates to in your region.

Since telling us all about this Spawn logic update Bowling has also revealed that Infinity Ward will be swinging the ban hammer in the direction of Prestige Token exploiters, we have embedded the tweet below with an image which Bowling added to the tweet. As you can see not only will people get banned but they will also have their stats reset and removed from the leaderboards – we are loving the zero-tolerance policy which Infinity Ward has adopted – are you?

Witness as the #MW3 ban hammer falleth. Prestige Token exploiters banned, stat reset & removed from leaderboards.

So there you have it folks, in roughly 8 hours time Infinity Ward should have seriously improved MW3’s spawn system and banned gamers who were exploiting the game’s Prestige Token system, it is great to see such dedication from the dev team and we look forward to future updates to make the game even better – what do you think should be addressed next? Weapon balance could be better in our opinion.

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  • Waymack97

    how about banning campers and head glitchers

  • Keiran Mcaulay

    why should people get banned for finding a exploit in the game, that should mean everyone who has ever done a glitch should be banned. if i get reset i am gunna have a massive uproar about it. aslo all the effort i have put into the game without the tokens will go to waste ? wtf.

  • fix the game first douches

    i have never glitched or boosted before a week ago.  after the frustration with the connection issues that still isnt fixed, the sniping where the cross hairs can be 2 feet off and still hit its mark to try to compensate for lag, and quick scoping is still in the game, and the 55 bucks i ended up spending on elite but yet still doesnt work… so F U infinity ward and Rob douche bag… maybe if you made something that worked I wouldnt have felt the double xp glitch would be good compensation for you releasing something that F’n sucks….. if i could sell my elite i would and debating on getting rid of the game as well… I wouldnt have cared if you reset all my stats bu leaving my losses and deaths there, theres no point ill always have a negative ratio its not even worth playing the game… and why such a strict action on first time offenders, plus the double xp glitch didnt effect others game play.. i might as well be one of those F***ers who play 10 days level 80 but never prestige once.. so whats the difference, you guys ruined everything with this game and this is it im done with your company if theres a MW4 im not getting it…. peace out going back to black ops atleast the game works

    • Luizz

      Thats so truth …….. and why even reset the leaderboards …. thats stupid , most of the people dont care about how many deaths or kills  they have ….. like me i only like to play to have fun  but all the shiet like the updates that they put in the game so people cant hack or something thats BullsShit. Theres always a hacker or a glitch … and i dont understand why in mw2 when they did the prestige lobby they didnt bannned everybody because almost everybody had all guns and emblems and they were in prestige10 …….So why banned a stupid glitch of Tokens for double experience that F dummm.Its not even a hack its a glitch of tha game that it is  infinity awards fault not ours.

      • Jonny5tud13

        Its your fault for using it multiple times dumb ass. If you find a glitch,which happens in every single game, report it. Dont sit there and rack up ten days of double exp just so you can get to tenth faster. Exploiting glitches in a game is breaking the tos. That is why you get punished. Now stop whining get tenth for real, and reset your stats panzy.

  • Lildragonryan

    It’s a gamertag jackass

  • Mrerdok

    I love how they ban people for there mistakes golf clap..

    • Jonny5tud13

      I love how ignorant people are more likely to be trolls. People get banned for blatantly exploiting a glitch. Against the TOS. Oh and sorry robots aren’t creating the games; the Iw team isn’t perfect. Name a game that has ever come out with absolutely no glitches. I dare you.

  • Anonymous

    More concerned about the ‘MSG ME FOR HEAD’ category on the left of the image.

  • Kieselweasel

    Y mw3 isnt a good game anyway so ban me for using -114 prestige tokens all I got was double xp bi deal r they also taking away my mountain dew double xp also?

    • Kal_ell

      If you cheat or glitch you get what you deserve!