DMC Devil May Cry 5: Death threats and so called gaming fans

We have some rather shocking news to bring you now, as it has been revealed that Ninja Theory, the team behind the Devil May Cry reboot have actually received death threats from so called gaming fans who are unhappy with the direction that Dante is now heading.

As most Devil May Fans are aware, DMC4 was the last game in the series to release and it was a game that was met with a wave of criticism due to repetition and below par dialogue in the game’s story mode.

That alone is questionable, but the deciding outcome was that Capcom chose to reboot the series completely, with Ninja Theory chosen as the team to develop the first game with its new vision. DMC: Devil May Cry introduces a new look and younger Dante to fans, and explains how Dante first came to possess his demon powers, essentially exploring the backgrounds and foundations before the first Devil May Cry game took place.

Now with that in mind, obviously a lot of gamers are not happy that Dante has been redesigned and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but surely death threats are not the answer. Ninja Theory creative boss Tameem Antoniades has confirmed that the team has received death threats in the form of ‘comic books’ and even songs, with Antoniades trying maintain a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Here is a portion of what he said when speaking to OXM, “It’s pretty hard for me to back the decisions we made without showing actual gameplay to the public. So until that time comes, and it will come soon, I just have to put up with the rage. We’ll see how this plays out.”

On a more pleasing aspect, the developer is confident that premature outbursts on the game will eventually die out after Ninja Theory reveal proper gameplay footage of DMC. Until that happens though, expect the hate to continue. If you are currently displeased with the new Devil May Cry reboot, let us know your thoughts on Ninja Theory receiving death threats. Let’s hope that they stop from this point on.



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