MW3 patch update plans, priorities are Spawn Logic & Theater improvements

By Jamie Pert - Jan 5, 2012

The guys over at Infinity Ward are now back at the studios following their Christmas and New Year break and it looks like they are keen to improve Modern Warfare 3. Recently the game developer’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling, revealed the current top priorities.

Bowling’s tweet can be seen below, basically it looks like feedback regarding the game’s spawning system and Theater has been listened to and it should all be fixed pretty soon, sadly specific details weren’t divulged, so we have to sit tight and wait for more official information on the situation.

“Good to be back @InfinityWard studios! #MW3 State of the Union: Continuing updates with Spawn logic & Theater improvements as top priorities”

Earlier this week we posted an article where it showed gamers spawn trapping the enemy whilst playing the Domination multiplayer game mode, this resulted in one gamer getting a ridiculous 144-4 kills to deaths and one of the enemies being killed 77 times without earning a single kill – we really hope that Bowling’s mention of updates to the game’s Spawn logic will fix such issues.

I must admit that I haven’t really used the Theater too much, therefore I am unaware of its imperfections, but gamers have been very vocal on Twitter – one gamer claims that he can’t watch clips which he records (see here), however not everyone hates it, in fact this tweet from @VinexNike suggest that it deserves more credit than it receives. You can see the latest MW3 Theater tweets here, as you can see there are lots of people less than happy with this feature.

We would love to hear from you if you have used Modern Warfare 3’s Theater Mode extensively, if you have please leave us some comments below telling us just what needs to be fixed. Below we have embedded a video which may teach you a thing or two about the games Theater and may even help you with any niggling issues you are encountering – we hope it helps.

Do you think the spawn system and Theater are the most imperfect aspects of MW3? Some say the Type 95 should be nerfed and we agree!

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  • Acecombat5

    The priorities should be the hackers that have infested the game!!! What is being done about that?  I read there were 1600 players kick off for cheating, but that is just a drop in the bucket. Was that just for XBox, because it sounds like the XBox is favered over the PS3 abd the PC with you guys. Every game I play there are cheaters tracking me though the walls, and killing me with one shot, after I have unloaded a half clip into them, or getting shot in the head over and over by the same player.  PLEASE fix this problem first!

  • KrAYzE_PiG

    also it never makes it threw the downloading. it says failed everytime

  • KrAYzE_PiG

    similar problems as TurdFerguson. i can watch my clips in perfect HD quality, but….. when i render the clip it uploads fine (sometimes) all the way up till it starts playing. 1. it either stops my PS3 from working. ( complete FREEZE)(CRASH) or the quality of the video is completely unwatchable. EG; my throwing knife across map kill. the knife was invisible and the sounds were out of sync. cant believe i paid £35 for founder status and so far all i got free is a winter camo for my guns LMAO. i play on PS3

  • TurdFerguson

    Theater mode just ruins my clips when I render them. I have a sub par internet (always with 3 bar connection) and if I render the clip it destroys it. For example, I put a video of me sticking an enemy on the foot with a semtex, only for the enemy to survive. I render the clip and go back to watch it and, go figure, the enemy player that I stuck in the clip was invisible, and the clip was jumpy and went from place to place (not smooth).