Monster Hunter 4 for PS Vita: 2012 release date would sell hardware

By Alan Ng - Jan 5, 2012

Many gamers will agree that Sony’s launch titles, both first party and third party are looking very impressive indeed in preparation for the launch of the PS Vita in Europe and US in February. However, one huge title missing off the list is a Monster Hunter game and it is a title that would inevitably help Sony to shift more PS Vita hardware units.

Despite fears last year that Monster Hunter wouldn’t be coming to the PS Vita, you’ll be pleased to hear that we are now hearing whispers that Capcom may be preparing a Monster Hunter game for the PS Vita for release sometime in the second half of 2012. The information has been cited from Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy, and you can see a screenshot of the magazine including an image of Monster Hunter over at TheSixthAxis here.

As many fans will well be aware, the decision to bring Monster Hunter 3G to the Nintendo 3DS and not confirm a title for the December Japanese launch of the PS Vita remains a very strange move by Sony. It is no secret that Monster Hunter is huge in Japan and the availability of Monster Hunter for the PS Vita would undoubtedly be a win win situation for both Sony and Capcom. We would even go as far to say that if Capcom brought Monster Hunter 4 to the PS Vita, it would easily be the most popular game on the system. Meanwhile for Sony, they could sit back and just watch hardware units increase by the thousands as many fans flock to stores to get their new Monster Hunter fix.

Whether or not Monster Hunter 4 or a version of an older Monster Hunter game appears on the Vita is irrelevant – fans would just like to see a MH game on the system period. Considering the benefits for both companies as mentioned above, we would predict that this will happen sooner rather than later. If you are a big Monster Hunter fan, let us know your thoughts on the idea of MH appearing on the PS Vita.

The question we want to know, is would Monster Hunter alone be responsible for your PS Vita purchase should it become available?

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  • Sergeantstevens

    I’ve been totally hooked on Monster Hunter since 2006 when I played the first one on the PSP. I (and other friends in New York) will buy any system that MH4 comes out on, but we’d prefer the Vita. I’ve been a “regular” on adhoc (via PS3) for the last year and have extremely high hopes for MH4. Of course I will not buy one unless MH4 comes out on it. It’s a huge hit buying a system just for one game, but in this case, the payback will be well worth it (even if I have to bite the bullet and buy a 3DS). Which ever I see first in the stores (in the USA), I’ll be purchasing! CAPCOM, hurry UP!

  • Aaa

    I wouldn’t buy the ps vita if they released only the reworked MHP3.
    I’ve already beaten it (fan translated) on PSP.
    No point in playing it again.
    But if they were to release MH4 on PSV, I’d buy it immediately for sure.

    Though, there’s a little catch in there. If the EU/US version of MH4 comes to 3DS sooner, and won’t be any different than the vita version, I think I’d still prefer 3DS.

  • billy

    If i bought a vita it would be for monster hunter portable 3rd, i personally have waited for this title for what feels like a decade. Although i am not getting my hopes up until i see more info tho, so yes it is a must have if it is finally released on american shores. cant get enough of this series.

  • Isaiah Serna

    Well ill wait until capcom decides to release monster hunter……. years ago they hinted of MH releasefor the ps3 and shutit down after i efen bought the ps3 console this time ill wait until the game is available at my local game store. Anyways ill probably pay less if i wait.

  • Dragonfire

    Monster hunter is AWESOME!!! I’m thinking about buying the vita, but the launch games looks rather booring :/ I’m not suprised the sales are very low. However, if monster hunter were to release on the PS Vita I would buy one for sure.

  • Yes! I love MH and the psp. The Vita is a buy for me, this is icing on the cake, 

  • Xldc

    Hell Yeah I’ll buy a psvita for that game

  • MH4life

    yes yes yes yes. this will be vita’s killer app in japan, and any monster hunter is good news for vita fans