Modern Warfare 3 DLC ideas to save game

By Alan Ng - Jan 5, 2012

Earlier on this week we asked you for your best ideas regarding the next piece of DLC for Battlefield 3. We had some great feedback regarding that post which you can check out again here, but now we want to know what needs to come to Modern Warfare 3 as DLC to make the game even better.

If you are not aware by now, Infinity Ward and Activision have already confirmed that the first piece of Modern Warfare 3 will be available to download on January 24, and according to recent rumors which we told you about here, there’s thought to be five new maps coming in the DLC one of which we already know is going to be titled ‘Park’.

Furthermore, this DLC will be available to Call of Duty Elite subscribers first on Xbox 360, before regular Modern Warfare 3 owners get it. At the moment, there’s no specific dates on when the DLC will be available for normal players, or indeed PS3 or PC owners of the game – we expect one month later though as usual.

Back to the main point though, and Activision has recently confirmed that they are planning to make the DLC for Modern Warfare a lot more ‘varied’, and that releases from now on will be much more frequent as opposed to DLC releases for the likes of Black Ops and MW2 which spanned a few months with each pack. We could now be seeing DLC for Modern Warfare 3 every few weeks, just check out the following statement from Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg, which he made in a recent interview with Wired:

“One of the things that was most appealing when we were researching these ideas with consumers is the idea of breaking up the DLC so that it comes more often and more regularly. We want to provide DLC to people more often and also experiment with more of a variety in the forms of playable content.”

Will this be a good move with fans though? If they are planning to release DLC every few weeks for MW3, we doubt it is going to be new maps every time as that wouldn’t be logical and would take far too much time to develop. A more possible idea is having a certain mission unlock or perhaps a set of objectives similar to the BF3 assignments in which MW3 players will need to complete.

Many feel that Modern Warfare 3 is a disappointing experience this time around as it doesn’t offer much in the way of groundbreaking new content and it’s largely the same experience that players first saw in Modern Warfare 3. After hearing that Infinity Ward are planning to release DLC more frequently for MW3, what ideas do you have on this? Does Modern Warfare 3 need saving?

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  • T2k123

    LMAO what do you mean ‘ideas to save game’ the game died year ago!

  • Ashley

    The last flogging of the cod horse before it’s dead…

  • Anonymous

    Okay alot of these gaming websites are mis-understanding what really gonna happen. When they announced Elite they said that they were planning on releasing 1-2 pieces of DLC a month. so when they announced the Jan 24 its not a full map pack, its the start of the 9 month DLC season. Its gonna b 1-2 things, not 5 maps. and when they say the are being things every few weeks, they mean that for Elite Premium members. For non-Premium members they said that after about 3 months of Elite Paid getting DLC they are going to bundle them and release a 5 piece DLC Pack for $15 for general public. they announced at lease 20 pieces of DLC for MW3, so thats 4 DLC Packs w/ 5 pieces in each, $15 each so $60 for DLC Packs ala cart, or $50 for Elite.


  • Anonymous

    Come on guys we all know this game is dead thats why there wanting to bring out new maps so soon..its the same old thing all the time just to pump money out of us all. i really loved this game mw4,mw2,even world at war, But the game is just the same old thing all the time.they dont bring any thing new to the table and still want us to pay big money for it.Ive move to battlefield 3 DICE and what theyve done with there game is just out of this world graphic,maps,FREE DLC,weapons.DICE put more into there games than Infinity Ward and Activision ever have into theres and they give u it free most of the time.Me for dont want more maps i just want them to fix the games they alrealy have.the lag in mw3 makes the game unplayable most of the time. So fix your game Infinity Ward before u bring out anymore maps im done spending my hard earned money on your half made games…

    • Anti-Troll

      MW3 Dead? 6 billion in sales the first week, millions of paid Elite memebers!!! LOL this is more BS hyperbole propagated by BF3 fanboys. It’s dead and that’s why they want DLC? Really… so back to Karkand is feeble attempt to keep that shotty game alive.

      F^cking joke ass contrarian b&tches.   

      • Cmgizzi

        Ha, you’re an idiot.

  • Andrew Palombit

    “The idea of breaking up the DLC so that it comes more often and more regularly.” does this mean that we will be spending more money for less? I hope the price of the DLC will match the quanity. I will spend $15 dollars for 4-5 new and classic maps but I wouldn’t spend it for one spec ops mission. I would rather see bigger packages than small, separate ones.

  • are they going to be $15 still? if its going to be im only going to buy a few at them being released weeks apart…so to the fans it makes since to lower the price but incorporate different aspects. altho that would be hard with a small timeframe. im not sure how itll work 😛  

  • i agree but theyy prob wont put another small map. def one like that o.o 

  • Bring back all the original maps from COD4, especially Bog and Shipment!

    • Gbrtf

      If you want the original maps then play cod4. Rather have new things not rehased old stuff we already have seen.