Android 4.0 download hitting devices at a snail’s pace

By Gary Johnson - Jan 5, 2012

Much has been made in recent months about the fragmentation of the Android platform, and how slow updates make their way onto handsets. The most recent version Android 4.0 is hitting devices at a snail’s pace, and at this rate it will be ages before many users can download the software.

According to a new set of stats, Ice Cream Sandwich is now used on only 0.6 percent of Android devices. About 0.3 percent of these are either running Android 4.0 or 4.0.2, with the other 0.3 percent are using Android 4.0.3 according to Google.

Currently the most used version of the operating system is 2.3 Gingerbread with around 55 percent of devices running it. The operating system that Gingerbread replaced 2.2 Froyo still accounts for 30.4 percent of the Android platform. According to an article here, back at the beginning of December Ginger bread was sitting on 50.6 percent with Froyo on 35.3 percent.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich was only first announced towards the end of October by Google, and made its debut on the Galaxy Nexus in the UK on November 17th. The US had to wait around a month longer with Verizon releasing their version on December 15th.

The new operating system uses features from Gingerbread and the tablet based Honeycomb OS, which accounts for 3.3 percent. Surprisingly there are still some who are using the earliest versions of the operating system. Android 1.5 Cupcake still accounts for 1.1 percent while 8.5 are on Android 2.1 Éclair.

There are many users of powerful Android handsets still waiting to hear exactly when the update will be coming to their devices, with the likes of the Galaxy S not getting it at all. Does the slow rollout of Android updates frustrate you?

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  • Bumboy

    95% percent of apps support 4.0 every one ive downloaded worked except one the only way to get updates quickest is to have a pure google phone eg.. nexus s, galaxy nexus

  • Wonder why nobody is updating ?? Do all the apps support 4.0?

    • Bumboy

      Because of all the bloatware companies put on phones eg sony use timescape and heavily use of facebook samsung has touchwizz which all take time to update to new version of android i got fed up with waiting so i purchased galaxy nexus to get updates quicker