Xbox 720 specs could see you record TV programs

By Gary Johnson - Jan 4, 2012

With the current generation of gaming consoles many PS3 owners boast to their Xbox 360 rivals about the devices built-in Blu-ray player. While many Xbox 360 fans either are not bothered by this or go out and buy a standalone Blu-ray player. Now there is the possibility that the Xbox 720 specs could see you record TV programs.

There have been numerous rumors about the next gen consoles in recent months, but you would have thought that Sony and Microsoft will look at offering more than just a gaming machine next time round. The current gen certainly does offer that now following the many updates they have both received over the years.

According to Kotaku the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office granted a patent to Microsoft, which was for a gaming console and a digital video recorder. The patent is described as a DVR application running alongside a TV client component, which will allow users to record media onto a gaming console.

Also the DVR application will fully integrate with the unit and allow users to record content while playing games, as well as while the unit is switched off. Other notable options in the patent description include the recorded content can include gaming.

There has been rumors of a set-top box have been circling for years, and back in 2007 when the patent was first applied for it was thought Bill Gates would announce something with features such as these at that years CES event. Any such device would allow the user to record content while playing games, and also have features similar to many DVRs available today.

The latest version of the Xbox 360 dashboard turns the console into a streaming hub, with content available from a variety of sources. Some content providers may be uncomfortable if any new gaming console allowed the recording and storage of content, but consumers will surely love the idea.

It has to be remembered though big tech companies such as Microsoft often get granted patents with the ideas never seeing the light of day. Would you like to have a DVR built into a gaming console?

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  • FreedomMoto

    It could be used to record gameplay and directly upload it to youtube… Just a thought

  • moorbre

    PS3 has it already and it isnt expensive £40 one off payment, does all the features mentioned above so i dont see how microsoft could patent it :S 

  • Aruizjr38

    If it is able to record HD TV that would be great!

  • Sam

    I can already record programmes on my ps3 with playtv. Not much to write home about here.

  • Newstart078

    forget tv programs i got the xbox 360 to play videogames, not to watch tv

  • I can see adding a DVR as an advantage in theory, realizing that they require quite a bit of horsepower and that also means you have one more device that must be kept powered 24/7 to be used in this fashion. CPU impact would also take place with two or more simultaneous recordings. The only other concern would be the impact on game performance as you would need a completely separate HD to keep from drive thrashing and fragmentation while loading from the drive while simultaneously recording from several sources.

    An all-in-one media center device sounds great in theory but the added cost to make it perform to the level to include a DVR while performing other foreground tasks would be cost prohibitive and probably won’t happen.

    People have a magic “price point” and PS3 owners (myself included) weren’t exactly thrilled with the initial price offering of the PS3 and it hurt sales drastically. I would hate for Microsoft to make the same mistake over adding bells and whistles that don’t actually enhance my gaming experience.

    Just give me (without a doubt) the most powerful, graphics enhanced, best physics, fastest loading, 3D, Immersive gaming system at a price I can’t believe and I’ll buy it.

  • gust

    no i don’t want a DVR bulit in,it for playing video games.