Sprint Galaxy Note 4G: CES 2012 release theories

By Alan Ng - Jan 4, 2012

We have some good news now for those of you in the US who have been feeling slightly jealous over the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note is available in almost all regions except the US. We’re hearing rumors that Sprint may be one of the carriers which will offer a version of the device, and this means that it may also come with 4G WiMAX support.

At the moment, the Samsung Galaxy Note is still unavailable in the US much to the frustration of consumers, but there are also whispers that the device may be coming to AT&T, fueling speculation that the Galaxy Note may also come equipped with 4G LTE support. Currently, the Europe version of the device is primarily GSM-based, but over in Korea there is already an LTE version available, so it definitely isn’t impossible for Samsung to bring an LTE version to AT&T.

However, AT&T may now be joined by Sprint if a recent rumor by BGR is to be believed. According to their report, Sprint will be showing of the Galaxy Note at the imminent CES 2012 extravaganza, which kicks off on January 10. If the Galaxy Note does land on Sprint’s network then it is almost inevitable that the device will include support for the carriers popular 4G WiMAX network, as a lack of 4G speeds would obviously make a purchase less desirable, especially if their competitors AT&T are rocking a 4G LTE version.

On a side note, it will be interesting to see if Samsung decide to release the Galaxy Note in the US with slightly upgraded hardware specs. Currently, the Galaxy Note comes with a 1.4Ghz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, but the LTE version in Korea as mentioned above comes with a dual-core 1.5GHz Scorpion Cortex A8 processor instead. US consumers will obviously want the best version possible, so it may seen as a slight disappointment if they get the version with a slower processor.

Would you be interested in picking up the Galaxy Note from Sprint, or do you have your eyes on another electronics device this year?

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  • Canoe_polo4

    Hopefully by the time the Note becomes available it will come preinstalled with Android 4.0,avoiding problems like those suffered by the Asus Transformer Prime. Hopefully, someone like Seidio or Otterbox will come out with a really good case.

    • Canoe_polo4

      By available I mean Australia folks.

  • thomas lewis

    I have sprint and will get this phone the day it comes out if released for sprint. Ready to upgrade from my evo 3d.

  • Sleepnumber

    I will wait until the quad core devices arrive. By June their will be some super fast devices out that will render these current phones moot.

    • Sleepnumber

      * there

  • Alex_tha_great

    Its true at&t’s version will be faster being Lte an all but I will CLEARLY take sprints UNLIMITED data over at&t’s rationed data any day

    • Sleepnumber

      Before you take that plunge make sure 4G or WiMAX is available in your city. I love my Evo 3D (4G) phone on Sprint but the data speed is so slow I can not stream any programs, YouTube, iheartradio, Tune In, Pandora, and web pages take forever to load. The only reason to go with Sprint is price. Unlimited means nothing if the most popular phrases that pop up on your device is buffering or timed out!

      • Dlaucin

        You are so right. I’m in the same boat. I coan hardly use my internet without getting frustrated.