Owner frustration as Galaxy S is staying on Gingerbread

By Gary Johnson - Jan 4, 2012

Back in December Samsung revealed plans for rolling out the Ice Cream Sandwich update to some of its Galaxy lineup that included the S II. Unfortunately it seemed that the original Galaxy S was not set to receive the update before what seemed an apparent change of heart by Samsung. Now we have news of owner frustration as the Galaxy S misses out on a Value Pack and is staying on Gingerbread according to Samsung.

There have been various rumors that the smartphone manufacturer was developing an Android ‘Value Pack’ update for the handset. But now the company has told The Next Web that there are no plans for any such release.

Previously Samsung had said that hardware issues on the older Galaxy range were preventing the company providing an update for them. Both the TouchWiz overlay and Samsung Widgets were proving to be unreliable on the aging smartphone, and this led Samsung to decide not to update the Galaxy S.

Then after it was reported that Samsung was thinking of reconsidering its decision not to release ICS on the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab, many thought the company would instead push out a Value Pack with new features instead of a full update of the Android software.

A Samsung spokesperson has now confirmed that the older Galaxy devices will be sticking with the Android Gingerbread operating system. There will be many unhappy owners of the handset who are still stuck with a two year contract for the device, and will be surprised as the Galaxy Nexus is a similarly specified handset and has Android 4.0.

Are you annoyed that the Galaxy S won’t be getting ICS?

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  • this is annoying for s owners

  • Bumboy

    Nexus s has same spec and thats got ics. I got galaxy nexus so i dont have bloat ware got fed up with facebook being preinstalled this the only way to make sure you get the updates is by having avpure google phone

  • per sjöholm

    update the phone!!