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New iPad 3 price may disappoint

After the now confirmed news about Sony’s somewhat surprising decision to cut the price of the Tablet S by $100 so soon after launch, we now switch our attention to the rumors surrounding the price point that will come attached with the inevitable release of the iPad 3.

Apple are rumored to be introducing the latest addition to the iPad family as early as March, and it could be a device which will come included with a Retina Display and upgraded processor from the dual-core A5 chip that the company currently uses for the iPad 2.

Pricing has been the subject of much discussion amongst eager fans and there have been reports that Apple may even bring two flavors of the iPad 3 to the market, both with different price points. We could be seeing both a premium model and a low-end model according to an initial report by Zdnet, with the low-end model possibly coming in at $299 along with a premium model that will enter at the same price as the current iPad 2, which is $499.

A $299 price would be very attractive for a lot of consumers who would jump at the chance to buy one at this price, but an additional report by Zdnet claims that the idea of this happening could be very slim, since Apple are not known for introducing aggressive price cuts for any of their product lines. The idea of Apple reducing the price of the iPad 3 solely due to the new Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon is also premature, since Apple previously were unphased by a rival product, so the Kindle Fire at $199 shouldn’t be any different.

It comes back to the Sony Tablet S in a way, which provides evidence just how strong the iPad still is in the tablet market. Sony’s new tablet only launched in September, but already the company have had to announce a $100 price cut in order to make the device more appealing to consumers. For those of you expecting a similar price cut for the iPad 3 at $299, you may be in for a disappointment. $499 is looking a lot more likely, and it is a price that consumers will have no problems paying for, especially if Apple bring exciting new features to the tablet such as the Retina Display, new hardware upgrades and Siri.



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