New Final Fantasy Versus XIII tease from Square-Enix

By Alan Ng - Jan 5, 2012

With some recent slew of news related to the highly anticipated Final Fantasy X remake, it feels almost inevitable that we now have a small update to give you on the status of the infamous Final Fantasy Versus XIII game which has been in development hell for a number of years.

Square-Enix has again given fans a glimmer of hope that the Final Fantasy Versus XIII project is still well and truly alive, but we can tell you that the latest comments from the company again do not feature any sort of indication when the game will be available. Basically, kiss goodbye to any hopes of seeing the game come out in 2012.

In a recent interview with EDGE magazine, Yoshinori Kitase, producer for the upcoming game admitted that there hasn’t been much in the way of fresh updates for the game, but did go on to say that fans will be excited when the game gets its next big reveal. Here’s the statement below, courtesy of GamingEverything.

“… Then there’s Versus XIII, which is currently in development. We released a trailer in January and since then there has been nothing, but I can assure you the team is working extremely hard on it and I think people will be excited when they next see it.”

So there we have it. Not really much to go on from Square-Enix, in typical fashion it has to be said but it does give fans a bit of relief that the team are still working on the game 100% and the next reveal should be something special indeed. Will we see fans finally see some fresh gameplay after YEARS of disappointment? Let’s hope so. We still remain optimistic though that Versus XIII is going to be worth waiting for, regardless of the time taken by Square-Enix. The remake of Final Fantasy X is an excellent way to pass the time though in the meantime, so let’s hope we get a release date on that soon as well.

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome post, PR. But here’s something you may not have realized – XVIII is 18 in roman numerals (Latin) so the correct term for the game above would be FF Versus XIII or FF Vs XIII. We don’t even have FF17(FFXVII) yet and you wrote this as FF18. Also, it’s possible you may have thrown FFX (FF10) in the long numerals by accident, so watch out! 🙂 😛 Happy New Year! ^_^

    • Anonymous

      Hey, sorry about that. Updated now, thanks for pointing that out without being abusive. This is a rare thing believe me. Looking forward to seeing the next tease of Versus XIII!

      • Anonymous

         Definitely! I just hope it releases in the US!