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Motorola RAZR 651.73.30 update and list of features

Late last year Motorola released the new version of its RAZR smartphone that was well received by owners and reviewers alike. Now if you are an owner of the handset and live in Europe, Motorola are going to make you happy, as we can tell of a Motorola RAZR 651.73.30 update and a list of features it brings.

Consumers in the US with the Verizon version of the handset received an update before Christmas, and now Motorola is pushing one out across Europe. According to Eurodroid there aren’t a huge number of changes, but Motorola do promise some “general improvements”.

These include enhancements to the camera app and a new motion rule inside Motorola’s impressive Smart Actions feature, along with a few other minor tweaks. The Evernote application is now pre-loaded and allows users to save ideas among other things.

There are also some new security features as well as improvements to the handsets call performance and Bluetooth connectivity. Other changes include localization enhancements and improvements to the handsets Wi-Fi performance and stability, which includes general improvements to the actual Wi-Fi connectivity.

Countries that will be receiving the software update include the UK, Italy, Germany, and Spain among others. Motorola are advising that you must have at least fifty percent battery charge available before you start the update. If you receive the notification of the update you simply select download, and once complete install before your RAZR restarts itself.

Users can also manually update the software by selecting the about phone feature from the settings, and selecting system updates. Have you updated your handset yet?



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