GTA 5 realism essential

By Jamie Pert - Jan 4, 2012

An article recently published on MSXboxWorld asks questions about bringing Motionscan facial animation technology to Grand Theft Auto 5 (something which we spoke about previously back in July) and whether it would make the game too realistic – having read the comments section on the blog we must say that the author of the article is getting quite a lot of stick so we thought we would add our opinion on why GTA 5 needs realism.

Let’s start with Motionscan technology, this was used in L.A. Noire and made character’s faces in cut scenes much more realistic than other methods previously used. 32 high definition cameras are used to ensure that every slight movement which goes into an expression is replicated in a game – the video embedded at the bottom of this post shows just how great this technology is.

Adding Motionscan to GTA 5 will be a huge task for RockStar’s developers due simply to how many characters there will be in the game and the many different situations a gamer will get theirself into. If GTA 5 does utilize Motionscan technology not only will actors have to record audio, but their faces will have to be tracked as well, this will add an abundance of realism to the game and does seem like a natural progression for the franchise – but could it be a task which is too big for RockStar?

The fact that RockStar already has experience with Motionscan is a huge advantage, but the sheer workload this will add to the development period is almost unfathomable due to the free-roaming nature of the game, L.A. Noire was somewhat linear in comparison so it is a massive jump – with all that said if they pull it off we’re sure other developers will look at GTA 5 with envious eyes.

We think we have spoken about Motionscan enough now, so now lets touch upon whether GTA 5 should be as realistic as possible. It is almost certain that GTA 5 will be 18-rated, therefore many argue that we should see anything which is portrayed in an 18-rated movie – obviously we don’t want to see imagery which is too graphic, but a bit of gore is needed to add grit to the game’s storyline – do you agree? As for realistic graphics we really think that past GTA games have ensured that this next installment will be as visually impressive as possible, some say that graphics don’t matter too much, but that attitude surely negates any reason for a PS4 / Xbox 720 release in the future – therefore although graphics won’t make or break the success of the game it will simply give critics less to complain about and wow gamers playing the game on beautiful 1080p displays.

Ultimately we believe that the more realistic RockStar can make GTA 5, the better. We don’t think Motionscan technology is essential, but it would be great and we also believe that some blood and gore would only add to creating a more immersive gaming experience – perhaps we are wrong, so let us know your opinions on the matter in the comments section below!

Would you prefer GTA 5 to be as realistic as technology will allow?

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  • tompickford

    if GTA had motionscan it wouldn’t be GTA. It’d loose its comic book quality and thus its humour would appear less sardonic than outright psychopathic. I think rockstar are probably wise to the fact that motionscan in a GTA game wouldn’t work.

  • Matt

    i say go for it because itl will make the gta fanchise a more bigger susesse than it already is and it could be the biggest block buster game of 2012 to hit the store shelfs.

  • Matt

    i say go for it because itl will make the gta fanchise a more bigger susesse than it already is and it could be the biggest block buster game of 2012 to hit the store shelfs.

  • Deez Nutz

    Grand Theft Auto is a satirical parody of real life. While it should have an element of realism, it should also have an element of cartoon humor. Part of what has always been so great about busting out a shotgun in the middle of a crowded street and blowing away some unlucky bystander was that it was all in good fun and it wasn’t real. Can you imagine a full live action Grand Theft Auto movie playing out? Neither can I. L.A. Noire was a dramatic game (I’ve never played it, but I think it’s safe to assume) and as such, the motion scan tech was more imperative than not. Games like Max Payne, Resident Evil (the old ones, anyway), would benefit from this aspect as well. GTA should be more animated.

  • phaseone


  • phaseone

    I don’t honestly think GTA needs motion scan technology. I don’t really see how they could bring it into the story, LA Noire was all about detective work, working out the truth and reading between the lines, so its useful to be able to recognize if a character is lying or not, GTA however isn’t about either of those two, its not a game where being able to read peoples faces & expressions would be necessary. Its a game about doing a job, getting paid and making a name for yourself. I do feel that with added realism GTA becomes better. Better graphics, car designs that are more accurate to the real world (even if they have different names) I do feel that building destruction would be fun but due to console limitations its probably not possible at this stage. The only games i know of that have achieved this eg red faction + Mercenaries have used very simple building designs, which in a game like GTA would significantly reduce the realism as all buildings would look pretty much the same. But yeh i feel graphics and almost replicating the real world with brands etc is key for a game like GTA.  See facebook[dot]com/officialgrandtheftautov for more!!

  • Saints row = unrealistic mindless fun. GTA = realistic story driven awesomeness.

    • phaseone

      I have to admit the new Saints Row was amazing. I’ve always wanted a game that includes everything, from sport to gunfire to racing to zombies etc and Saints 3 is the closest I’ve seen to that. If saints row was more realistic in terms of graphics, physics engines and real life cars/brands it would be up there competing with GTA.

  • Alyraver

    i think the realism is essential. The whole reason i buy games like this is because i  want it to mimic real life as much as possible. I like the details that programmers go into in games nowadays. Take Tony hawk for example:- his games were so poor and unrealistic it was just stupid,  the video graphics were really poor too – The tv add in Project 8 showed great graphics BUT the game play was more like street skater from the PS1 lol, But now there is EA Skate 1, 2 and 3 games, and these all have a much more realsitic approach and are amazing in comparrison. The graphics are so much more advanced, and you can tell they have put a lot of effort into making it as realistic as possible – this is what us gamers like – realism. If we want an ‘arcade’ feel to games we will get a Nintento Wii……

    The motion technology in the above video is sooooo good! I cant wait for games to incorporate this technology.. Its a great step in the right direction for gamers and game programmers alike 🙂 I really hope GTA 5 uses this technology. Fingers crossed 🙂

  • oozey

    GTA5 Should be realistic and they also should add an improved destruction for example if you shooted at an appartment should be destroyed depending on which gun gun or  veichle has been used.

    • Onesiphorus

      ‘Shooted’ lol