Final Fantasy X remake graphics insight

By Alan Ng - Jan 4, 2012

While a considerable debate is brewing amongst excited Final Fantasy fans on whether the upcoming Final Fantasy X remake will actually be a proper remake and not a HD remaster, we have a video to show you now which could give an indication on how updated visuals may look on the PS3 and PS Vita.

As you know, Final Fantasy X launched as PS2 game back in 2001 and it is a game that is held in high esteem with many fans who believe that it is one of the best games in the entire series.

A remake is set to appear on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita sometime in 2012, but in true Square-Enix fashion, there is no indication on when the game will be coming out. So far we have had no teasers from Square-Enix on the graphics quality for the new game, but we did tell you just a few days ago that the game is thought to be much more than a HD remake.

We have a video to show you, which reveals some 1080p HD gameplay from Final Fantasy X, but played on the PC with a PS2 emulator, courtesy of TQCast. Obviously this may or may not be an accurate representation on how the remake will end up looking, but it does give you an insight on how the original graphics can be improved when upscaled to a higher resolution. The graphics shown in the video below are obviously far more impressive than the original PS2 graphics, but PS3 fans will be hoping that the game includes even more impressive visuals seen here, especially if Square-Enix are planning to add more content to the game from the original.

As for PS Vita owners though, we would be very impressed if Sony delivered a version for Vita owners that delivers graphics seen in the video below. Character models are lovely and crisp, and we feel that there’s more chance of the PS Vita version of the game getting a ‘HD’ upscale, compared to the PS3 version which hopefully will include even better visuals.

Take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts on it. Would you be satisfied if the remake looks like this or do you expect more from Square-Enix?

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  • I cant believe they’re only now getting around to this. FFX should have been the FIRST title of the PS2 classics category, as it was honestly one of the best and most loved games on the console. Better late than never I guess. I agree with most tho, that a FF7 remake is WAYYYY overdue.

  • Josh85

    Both PS3 and Vita versions will likely benefit from a new engine. This will not be an upscaled version for sure.

  • Sam

    I’d say I would be pissed off, I mean why not remake Final Fantasy 6 or 7, which are probably the most loved FF games ever. I don’t understand why I can’t finally have a remake of my favorite FF game ever FF VII… I don’t care about X 

    • Square Enix said that the remake of FF X might lead to the remake of FF VII. We just gotta be patient.

      • Ilikethemtitties

        they are only going to remake VII if they can get the original people who worked on it and a lot of them said they don’t want to 

    • Josh85

      They are probalby doing a remake of FFX because they already have the voices recorded, music that doesn’t need to be remastered and motion capture. So they are saving time and money.

    • Sigmatik

      all the final fantasies are great in their own right… just because you looooove ffvii so much doesnt mean that the other final fantasies are beneath your notice

    • Sigmatik

      all the final fantasies are great in their own right… just because you looooove ffvii so much doesnt mean that the other final fantasies are beneath your notice

    • Aazagthoth

      You do realise what it would take to re-make VI and VII? they’d have to change almost everything… The majority of the dialogue, improve the story, the controls and gameplay, the graphics, the landscapes, adding voice-acting etc… With X, all they have too do is update the graphics, maybe improve the sound and voice-work and perhaps they’ll add extra content.
      The way VI and VII were made isn’t possible to simply put on the PS3 with 2012 graphics.
      It would probably take longer than Versus, and whilst I enjoyed VII, there’s more important things.

    • Anonymous

      Final Fantasy X is the best video game ever made. Mario, Uncharted, Halo ect are nothing compared to FFX! If you have playd throu the whoul game you will totaly agree! I used years on FFX. And it was worth it. Even my father got started playing it, because he as so impresed. He didnt like video games he once  said. Well after ffx he totaly change hes mind!

    • FF7 is utilizes a dated PS1 graphics engine. FFX uses the PS2 engine, which already has a pc emulated counterpart. Meaning, upscaling and retexturing will be much easier (and more cost efficient) for a more recent PS2 game, than it would to completely remake a game with PS1 graphics. Long story short, FF7 will take a LOT more time and work to bring up to modern graphical standards.