Comet rapped by Microsoft for selling dodgy Windows CDs

By Gary Johnson - Jan 4, 2012

Back in November we told you about the upcoming sale of electrical retailer Comet as its French owner looked to get rid of the loss making chain. Now there are reports that Comet has been rapped by Microsoft for selling dodgy Windows CDs.

The CDs in question allow users who purchase a new computer from the retailer to reinstall the software if needed, and according to The Telegraph this was so users didn’t have to create their own disks. Microsoft revealed in a statement that the disks in question were sold to customers who had first purchased a PC or laptop with Windows preloaded.

According to David Finn from Worldwide Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting at Microsoft the retailer “sold thousands of the counterfeit Windows CDs”. He added that what Comet had done was “unfair to customers”, and expected more of big retailers such as Comet.

The lawsuit claims the company produced the disks at a factory based in Hampshire, and then sold them onto customers at branches across the country. Users create recovery disks so they can restore PCs if there are any problems with updates of new programmes.

Comet has yet to respond to the lawsuit from Microsoft, and the alleged offence happened at a time when less users stored their data and media online. Microsoft has said that any customers who are worried about their software can visit

Many PC manufacturers have in recent years stopped providing back up disks with their PCs, and leaving users to make their own recovery disks. Did you get a recovery disk from Comet?

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  • Daniellon

    Greedy Microsoft! The recovery CDs/DVDs are meant to be supplied with Laptops and computers, instead what they did was to deny the Laptop buyer these recovery disks, and put it as a recovery partition in your Hard drive. If your Laptop hard drive were to die or gets infected by a serious virus, you are compelled to buy another CD or DVD from Microsoft. Your sin is simply that you do not know how to  create the recovery disk yourself from the recovery partition. Creating the disk yourself, assuming you know how to do it, is a gruesome time-consuming affair. Comet is right to charge a little labour cost ($10) to create the disks for its customers, HP used to charge $19 and dell charges $3. The least OS Disk from Microsoft costs $100 and God help you if you need to buy the professional version.
       There was a lawsuit last year against Microsoft and the major US Computer Makers by a consumer association and they are now compelled by law to bundle the disks with each computer or Laptop they ship. I do not see how Microsoft can win this case

  • You’d think that companies that sell computers would include all software needed to reinstall their operating system but this is no longer the case. They have made it “optional”. That’s like buying a ticket to fly on the plane but then offering fuel for the plane to be “optional” so you can actually fly. If I want to buy my fuel cheaper somewhere else or make my own fuel, that should be my right if you’re going to force me to purchase it separately.

  • rdbilly

    Don’t know what the fuss is about. They were only providing recovery disks, not the full retail version of windows.Most of the time these disk refuse to work properly and would only work with the correct version of windows that had been originally used Not likely to work if passed over to someone else to use on their PC.
    Microsoft blur the line between couterfeit and genuine to suit their own ends.In reality the data on the disks is identical to the original. It is only the product key in effect that defines when a installation is genuine or not.The disks themselves are irrelevant.