Zelda helps Nintendo 3DS zap past 4M sales in US

By Gary Johnson - Jan 3, 2012

When Nintendo first launched the 3DS earlier last year too much fanfare, the device quickly come under much criticism from various sources. The biggest thing being there was not enough quality titles available at launch. Now we can tell you that Zelda helps the Nintendo 3DS zap past 4M sales in the US.

Nintendo has officially announced that it has already reached the figure of four million 3DS consoles sold in the US. According to an article on SlashGear the company has also enjoyed records on three of its popular gaming titles as well. To reach this figure in the time it did means the 3DS has sold faster than the Wii did during its first nine months of being available.

The company revealed that Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, and Zelda had each passed one million sales in the US already. Meanwhile the 3DS was still outsold by the soon to be replaced Will last year in the US, which managed to shift 4.5 million units.

Gamers are still snapping up the older versions of the DS as well with over 3.4 million units being snapped up in the US during 2011. The total units sold so far in the US have now reached 51 million, with the Wii sitting at 39 million.

The 3DS saw it sales fall away not long after being launched that lead to a dramatic price cut. This certainly did the trick as the cut saw sales in the US jump by 260 percent. We have reported before that the 3DS was on course to beat the sales figures that the original DS saw during its first year.

Are you surprised the 3DS is doing so well now?

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  • Shall Lam

    I’m not surprised, price will always be a factor as it will determine a consumer’s propensity to buy or not.  I think Nintendo thought their system would create such a hype that gamers would pay $250 for a handheld, which was not the case.