GTA 5 map set to be huge according to Rockstar

By Gary Johnson - Jan 3, 2012

Even though we could be months away from the release on the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, many gamers are already getting excited about the game. Trouble is since the trailer for the game was released last year we have not had much information to go on about the title. But today we can tell that the GTA 5 map is set to be huge in size according to Rockstar themselves.

While many think the game could be the biggest title available this year all we have had to go on so far was the original press release from Rockstar back in November. At the time it was promised that GTA 5 will be the most ambitious title from the franchise so far.

Now Gamer are reporting that GTA 5’s map size looks set to be much bigger than GTA 4’s Liberty City. This is because of a recent comment from RockStar’s Dan Houser while he was being interviewed about another upcoming Rockstar release, Max Payne 3.

He was asked if GTA 5 was to be set in San Andreas and he first replied that had to be really careful what he was about to say. He stuck to what has been already revealed in the original press release by saying it was set in Los Santos, but he also said it’s “a very big map”.

This is the first time that Rockstar Games has given any reference to the size of the map in the upcoming game. There still is a lot of speculation that the game could still see a release as early as May, but the smart money is on an October release.

Are you looking forward to GTA 5?

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  • Realism is just what it needs to be honest, I think a more realistic GTA: SA would have been class with a new story line, erm, I heard stuff like when you get shot in your right hand , you are unable to use it till you go to a paramedic, so if its true it will be really hard, as if you get shot in all your limbs your f*cked ! Cant wait to see it, Petrol stations have a use supposedly too, Now you have to top up every few minutes, Anyway , CAAAAANT WAIT!

  • Djcarl Walker

    I hope rockstar puts the fun fun fun back into the series with gta5. If they do it will be the greatest game ever made. If they focus on “realism” like the last 1 i wont be buying it in protest. What made the old gta`s was the sence of escaping reality I got when i played them! So much fun to play! If they made this like the old gta but with better graphics and online multiplayer, well that would just be gaming heaven !!

    • Lucas George

      Yeah, I think maybe Rock* should inject their latest project with a bit of the charm and physical humour of the PS2 era GTA’s. But to abolish all realism will take the impact out of what Rock* seem to cherish most: an amazing narrative. I respect your opinion, maybe Rock* CAN manageto deliver a great story even with a ‘lighter’ atmosphere, but I wouldn’t take the risk if I were the Housers.

      • Drowling

        Wasnt the dlc for IV tbogt kinda what you two are talking about. It had all the over the top missions and crazy weapons albeit not in the same respect as San Andreas but it was still pretty far out there