Asus Transformer Prime update to – list of changes & problems

By Jamie Pert - Jan 3, 2012

If you are one of the lucky ones who already have their hands on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime you may have notices some minor imperfections, well today we can confirm that Asus has rolled out a firmware update to bring some fixes to the Android tablet – keep reading on to find out what has changed.

The update will bring your Transformer Prime to software version, when connected to the Internet you should receive a notification telling you that a new software update is available, however you can manually trigger the update by going into Settings \ About Phone \ Software Update. The update should take no longer than 10 minutes to install, however don’t be alarmed if it takes up to 20 minutes as it depends quite heavily on your connection speed.

Once you have installed the update you should notice that the camera focus is improved along with touch accuracy, the rest of the fixes are quite minor they include enhanced GPS speed (we reported GPS issues in this post), better app compatibility, removal of the MyZine widget from the desktop and if you ever noticed the Asus logo shaking this should now be fixed. All of these details were found over at – sadly the update procedure hasn’t gone smoothly for everyone.

We have been reading comments on multiple sites and on the whole things seem to be going to plan, however one person has reported that the update bricked their tablet, a less worrying issue suggests that for some reason the MyZine widget remained in the desktop after the update. Some people suggest that the bricking issues are more common than we think, therefore we would recommend ignoring the update for the time being and installing it once we can verify that it should be safe.

If you ignored our warnings please let us know if the update went smoothly in the comments section below, be sure to mention any changes you’ve spotted which weren’t mentioned by us.

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  • Philhaddon1971

    UK user, update all fine. No issues. Tips for UK people, try calling PC world and asking if they have the transformer 2 in stock. The store I called couldnt fine it under the transformer prime listing, I nearly fell through the floor when the store assistant read back the spec … it was indeed a prime. I got mine new years day … I still have a pre order in with clove but will not cancel yet … if I can make a few quid 😉

    I havent noticed any gps or wifi issues, speed tests all ok

  • Canoe_polo4

    Looking forward to getting my hands on a Transformer Prime when they get to Australia once GPS reception issues have been sorted. Metal case an issue or just a furphy?

  • It bricked mine. I’ve read on xda and transformerforums about at least a dozen others whose devices are bricked.

  • Jack2monet

    I updated my Prime with no problem, however MyZine is still on my desktop. Is there supposed to be a problem with MyZine that Asus wanted to remove it? Or is just an optional removal?

    • Jamie Pert

      Asus has not stated why it was supposed to be removed