MW3 world record video, sums up what’s wrong with Call of Duty

By Jamie Pert - Jan 2, 2012

Last week we told you all about a video clip where someone managed to get Modern Warfare 3’s M.O.A.B killstreak reward in just 62 seconds, well now we have another video to show you which obliterates this time, however we are not impressed as the spawn trapping techniques used which pretty much sums up exactly why many opted for BF3 over MW3 this year.

We have embedded a video at the bottom of this post which has been viewed over 130,000 times and has many dislikes, this is because the tactics used are extremely ‘cheap’, despite being executed perfectly. Basically whilst playing Domination on the Mission map an entire team traps their enemy’s at the ‘A’ zone, here one player literally sits behind a fence and constantly picks off enemys as they spawn, this allows him to set some unconfirmed World records such as most M.O.A.B killstreak rewards for a single player (3), most kills in a round for one player (144), most M.O.A.B killstreak rewards for a team (7) and fastest M.O.A.B ever (roughly 48 seconds).

The post game stats shown below highlight just how effective and rediculous spawn trapping can be in MW3 – what annoys us the most is the fact that the uploader seems proud of the video! As you can see one of the enemies gets 0 kills and 77 deaths no-matter how bad a player is, this should not be possible.

This is a great example of how CoD multiplayer can suck at times, obviously this is perhaps the most dramatic example of such tactics being used, but it just goes to show that some aspects of the game really need to be looked at – it remind us of the 511-9 video which resulted in a Black Ops player getting a ban back in March, surely Infinity Ward can do something to resolve such spawn trapping tactics…

So what solutions are there? Well first of all it is only really the Domination game mode which allows such an exploit as it is easy to capture two zones and then leave one zone for the enemy to keep as they will constantly spawn near it. Perhaps the game could detect when spawn trapping is taking place (based on kill times and zones held) and then start spawning people in more random areas on the map, this would have a huge effect on the spawn trap as camping spawn trappers could be taken out easily, or perhaps a different zone could be captured which would also change the pattern of the game.

We would love to hear your opinion on the video embedded below, watch it, get annoyed and then share your opinionated views on the matter in the comments section.

Should Infinity Ward be doing more to stop such tactics being used? Should this gamer be banned? Let us know what you think….

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  • Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong with spawn camping if the game allows you to do it as long as it isn’t an outright cheat or flaw that was unintentional.  Personally, I don’t see how it can be any fun to simply kill people for 5+ minutes because they are helpless to stop you.  This isn’t someone who knows how to play the game, but knows how to take advantage of the design flaws in the game.

    • G Ermany

      Actually there is something wrong with it. Spawn trapping is exploiting a faulty spawn system designed by Sledgehammer. Giving them a huge unfair advantage, constitutes cheating. This obviously needs to be fixed.

      • Timaydawg11

        Actually, if your team didnt suck then you wouldnt have to worry about it 🙂 AKA practice and know the spawn points!!!

        • Amporter996

          Dude…you cant control where you freakin’ spawn.

        • Yeziam12

          Perfect example of a lack of character.

    • Rickrolle

       It’s griefing: Intentionally and deliberately irritating and harassing other players. Why this assclown is still able to play is what is beyond me. They’re taking advantage of flawed game mechanics is not a strategy, it’s a cheat.

  • Anonymous

    The easiest way to solve the problem – Make the person spawning invincible for 5 seconds or have a limited area around the spawn point be an area where players can’t be hurt for a certain period of time.  You could also have a bright flash of light that covers the spawn area everytime someone appears so the spawn camper can’t see exactly where there at.

  • Anonymous

    “Waahhh! Modern Warfare 3!  Waaaah!”  That’s what you sound like.

  • L1fted

    I think when someone is spawn camping, the game should detect it and spawn players aiming at the camper, or in places where they can sneak up on him easily. No one could survive long enough to take advantage of a spot like that.

  • SAGE!!

    The players that stayed are low level players…. It’s a pretty good spawn trap though… But u can tell these guys spend 24 hours on this game,hard out practicing,learning every spawn… Get a girlfriend and stop wanking… Lol…

  • jo_jo

    to be honest it just shows how not good he is for the fact being he has to camp to get a kill also i think its a private room if im honest because when playing in a normal matchmaking game the enemies names are in red while on this video they are orange…. and the only time they are orange is when its a private room….

    Too me he deserves a ban for boosting at least. because at the end of what you see those people he’s facing do know too quit but aren’t i could say they are dud accounts even…. i would say this video was pre planned…

    • Amporter996

      It could be on color blind assist. A lot of.people use it on mw3 videos.

    • Guest

      Jo_Jo – Exactly, they think they’re awesome, but they’re actually the ones who are obsessed with points vice the intent of the game – to capture a base or whatever, not spawn kill a bunch of rookies.

  • Some Guy

    Lame that a poorly written, unnecessary story like this gets so much attention.

  • Y12salazar

    thats good but I’ve gotten 184 kills like 14 deaths in cod and no spawn trappin

    • Billysweat

      that’s nothing…. i’ve gotten 27,261 kills and 1/2 a death using only three bullets from a hand gun. I just want you to pat my head and tell me how amazing i am…

    • Jim692

      And im guessing you forgot to save it in the theatre?(Y)

  • D-Rok

    This is just one reason I will never touch a CoD game ever again, among many known reasons why this game series should be on its way out!. I still find it hard to believe that this game sold as well as it did!?. I understand this is simply one persons opinion, but the masses who swear by the CoD franchise have sadly been ripped off hopefully for the last time…

  • RobnGraves

    games not 100% flawed. yes the respawning trap is lame and i personally have been trapped in it but there are ways around it. though anyone that really spawn camps really have no life and are really pathetic. showing a video when your the one making it does not help. merely promotes you being a D-Bag.

    • Robngraves

      and i play for fun. yeah i might have a sh!tty kill/death ratio but at end of day you know what? im proud of it because 1. i never cheated. 2. i enjoyed myself. 3. i did it actually looking for people instead of camping.

  • This could all be easily prevented if spawn protection was implemented like you have in Gears 3.

  • Nemesisurvivorleon

    this is a record?  In call of duty 4 online on the map “Killhouse” you can easily get scores that high on a full server.  Go back a few years for the true record which is probably higher.

  • Matt

    this guy is a no life others our not like that

    • Eric Louvros

      that entire team was like that, all they had to do to stop it was capture that last flag and they didn’t people will always capitalize on things like that.

  • Anonymous

    Yet it still won The Best Shooter of 2011 according to VGAs and Gametrailers, no wonder people don’t think much of gaming.

  • -“hey bro, we got a camper @ homebase. killed me twice trying to get a plane”
    -“hiding behind a wall, where the jets spawns. u see him?”
    -“hold a minute… yep. see him. he is open from the right go flank him, easy kill.”
    -“cant do. he is aware of me. he must have a scope, shooting an assault rifle. cant frag him from here, he is too far. can you snipe him?”
    -“hold a minute… … …good. he is gone now.”
    -“thanks bro.”

    Conversations like this are so common among my “teammates”… That is why we never play CoD. “Multiplayer” is not equal to “teamwork”. I almost felt sorry for those guys dying in the video. No camper survives a well coordinated squad. I am happy I moved on to a better game 🙂

  • stop the rehashed Call of Duty series forever. It lost its spark after MW2.Simple as said. 

  • Haharhiddly

    People are fake because being real is too hard for them. Maybe they don’t know they have the ability to accomplish anything or maybe they just weren’t raised right, I don’t know, it’s sad.

  • dgiffy

    its not his fault the enemy team was too stupid to realize that there was an option to back out of the game ,specifically designed for something like this. no he should not get banned. And yes, Map Pack 3 *cough* *cough* i mean MW3 is a piece of shite.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t they leave the game? The non cheaters, i mean.

  • that is why BF3 has the option to spawn at your base and the flags are neutral. You also have the option to spawn of squad mates. if one person were to get out of that then three others could cap a different flag creating a new spawn point. COD games always have horrible spawns. tell me again why people pay $60 a year for this?

  • Scary69l

    or why not report the player, sorry this seems like Boosting

  • my question is why didn’t anyone on the other team leave wow.

    • Anonymous

      Because they are playing a broken DLC pack which they paid full price for?

  • this is why i play FF XIII.

  • Chadachada123

    Don’t ban him, since he was in no way cheating.

    Just fix your damn game, Infinity Ward.

    This is something that even N64 shooters didn’t have, Jesus Christ.

    • Mwendel283

      Sorry, but this is exploiting the spawn system, thus cheating according to IW. They even have “exploiting” as an option for reporting players.  It’s easier to blame the player rather than the game, right? 

  • I stated before the problem is not the game the problem is the people who just ruins the game and does something like this cheap tricks to win the game

    • Jon Blake

      How is this NOT the games fault? please humor me. 

      • It is the game’s fault, but the people who exploit it are just as guilty. Just because there’s a knife laying on table, doesn’t mean you can get away with stabbing someone just because the knife was there. Personal responsibility mate.

  • Wow2323

    This is why i play BattleField3

  • Swrzoe56

    the game should automatacaly swap up span spots at all times to prevent this If i saw a apawn point why move on

  • Gmafz7

    What a disgusting game, it sure is fun, but they’re the same thing each year, I stick to COD 4. But in spite of spawn trapping techniques, Black Ops felt a little bit more balanced and accessible for noobs.

    • the funny thing is people hated BO LOL

      • burples

        Thats because due to it’s slower pace, weaker killstreaks and more balanced weapons, Black Ops didn’t feel like Call of Duty. And thats why people didn’t like it. And why I thought Black Ops was the best Call of Duty game.

        • J

          I used to be a hardcore COD fan dedicated game and DLC buyer anytime either came out.  This year my friend talked me into buying BF3 to play with him on days my clan wouldn’t be on MW3.  Well needless to say after a change of pace BF3 has stolen me away.  Really it was a combo BF3 kicking ass and MW3 taking a step backwards.  COD needs to go to dedicated servers but they’re to cheap.  They need a new engine but won’t do it.  They own the market, but if they go with the same crap 1 more time they won’t .  As for me they already lost me no more map packs, heck I might not even buy the next COD.  Just sick of the same old stuff.

        • Guest

          I second it! MW3 just sucks.  Maps are to small no where to hide, just run arond and kill people and die yourself over and over again!  Stinks,  MW2, that’s a good one, but not 3, sorry.