Galaxy Nexus: 4G LTE connection unreliable for many

By Alan Ng - Jan 2, 2012

If you are in possession of a new Galaxy Nexus smartphone on Verizon Wireless, there’s a fair chance that you may have been getting frustrated over the apparent issue involving 4G LTE connection issues which Verizon has already acknowledged as a problem for some users.

We first reported on the 4G LTE issues almost two weeks ago, after many users were complaining of slow or no 4G LTE signal in their area after picking their device up from Verizon. At the time, the problems were minor and were thought to be dependent on where a user was situated.

However, after reading some feedback over at Droid-Life, it has become aware that a lot of you are suffering from 4G LTE related problems on the Galaxy Nexus and at the moment, Verizon has still not issued the software fix that they promised to deliver two weeks ago.

In some cases we’ve even heard that users are not receiving 3G signal aside from a lack of 4G LTE connection, this happening in areas when other devices receive 3G signal with no problems. Users could have guessed that Verizon would have some initial teething problems with their 4G LTE service since it is still rolling out to many states for the first time, but perhaps Galaxy Nexus owners did not expect frequent problems such as this.

It’s worth pointing out that other users are not having any sort of issues with receiving a solid 4G LTE signal with their Galaxy Nexus, but judging by the feedback over at Droid-Life, the number of users that are not getting any signal is growing by the day. Hopefully we’ll get word from Verizon this week regarding a fix, but it isn’t a good start to 2012 if your Galaxy Nexus is having trouble getting a solid signal.

How is your signal in your area at the moment? Are you having frequent problems, or is it more of a sporadic issue for you?

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  • Canoe_polo4

    Any news on the Galaxy Nexus Note coming to Australia.

  • Sarah

    I live in Richmond, VA. Bought a GNex last week. Richmond city has full 4G coverage. I was only able to pick up 4G a couple times….between work and home (which is a 3 mile trip). The phone would not pick up 4G in my apt or at work. One of my coworkers has the Thunderbolt and it picks up 4G fine in my work building. Also, had my wifi on and when I turned it off I completely lost phone signal and it took an hour to get the data signal back. Switching to airplane mode and back also causes a significant delay in gaining a data signal. Called Verizon and they said if I was in a building made of concrete or steel I would have problems picking up 4G or if there were tall buidings around.  Really? Wow. Aren’t most buildings made of those materials and don’t most major metropolitan areas have tall buildings?! Crappy answer from Verizon. So I returned my phone yesterday and am going to stick with my DInc until this issue gets resolved.

  • Dennis

    Northern Minnesota, major connection issues, mostly involving my e-mail accounts.  Have ticket open supposed to get back to me on Thursday hope they figure something out

  • Buffalo, NY here.  ZIP: 14219  I have no 4G Signal at all.  Called Verizon yesterday and they had nothing to tell me.  They opened a Trouble Ticket, as much good thats gonna do.

  • Anonymous

    Aside from the long handoff issues I’m also experiencing, I saw an instance tonight where it wouldn’t reclaim a signal for over an hour. Airplane mode didn’t help, either. I didn’t try a reboot because I figured it was just VZW down again. After doing some googling, though, I realized I was the only one with the outage. :/

    • Rx71004

      My husband is going through the same issue. We tried to airplane mode too, but didn’t do anything for us either.

  • Vadim Ivanov 1989

    It makes sense. The phone thinks it’s signal strength is worse than
    it actually is, causing it to want to switch back to 3g. However, the
    service problems, at least for me in Wayland, MA happens at that moment.
    A lot of times when my phone tries to switch over from 4g to 3g, i
    loose all data service for a good 10 minutes. But not to worry, because
    even if Verizon’s update won’t fix the issue, I am confident google will
    come up with an update that will. There is no way Google will let their
    baby developer ice cream sandwich phone fail.

    -Vadim Ivanov

    • Mark

      We have the problem in a 3g only area, so I don’t boy the “it’s a hand off issue”

  • Dave Tam

    Mixed reception here in Indiana.  The other night, the phone kept trying to look for a 3G signal and it started to really really get hot.  Which no other phone I’ve had while here at home had this problem. Not that I don’t like this phone but I actually love it. I just would like the problems fixed.

  • Ecks Dev.

    No Issues here. Solid signals down here in Southern California. 18mbps down 6mbps up avg on LTE. Faster than my wifi. 3G speeds plenty for most usage. Random reboots- Nil. 

  • Dsteven53

    Galaxy Nexus. Spontanious reboots x 4. No G/N to PC file/Pix transfer. Volume low on Skype. Verizon threw all they could at this problem, They sent me to Samsung who said about the phone specific Skype problem, “We do not support 3rd party apps. Consider this without Apps,This is a simple unreliable phone.

  • needafixVZ

    poor reception here in KY. People have to call my girlfriend on her RAZR to get a call thru to me.. What a POS. luv the phone for everything but using it as a phone. could of bought a ipod touch for everything this thing does. Need a phone that will make and recieve calls.

  • Stub2

    I switched from Sprint over to Verizon just for the Galaxy Nexus. I always had great reception with Sprint here in Chicago and never thought I would have a reception problem with Verizon in the city. But… it’s a nightmare. Over at my girlfriends I have no reception at all. Not 4g or 3g or 2g….nothing. Just traveled to LA and same thing there. Verizon…can you hear me now?

  • fishkid13

    I’m in NYC and I always have off and on LTE. It’s annoying as hell. 

  • I live in Seattle and have had no real issues with my Galaxy Nexus. Signal strength could be a bit better but thats about it. My girlfriend has a Droid Bionic and I frequently have connection when she does not. 

  • Jim

    I live in an 3g area and my g-nex was in smoked every time over a period of weeks in side by side comparisons with the droid razor and iphone 4s… all on verizon… I would get web page not available – the droid razr opened web pages quicker than the iphone but both had no problems opening web pages… those phones showed 1-2 bars of 3g. My g-nex? 1x or nothing. Again, my g-nex was unable to connect to the internet using the available 3g netgwork connection.

    the kicker? This is my 2nd G-nex… I went to return my first one and got talked into trying a second one…

    I am thinking Verizon will not roll out any update until the very end of Januray so that us first day buyers as well as those who bought for Christmas are locked in (beyond/outside the return grace period and cannot return them) should we would find out the ‘fix’ on the signal strength metering doesnt fix the underlying connection problems… just my opinion. 

    I am taking mine back before the return period ends unless an actual fix is provided in the promised update (and of course its issued pretty soon)….

  • Frank

    I live outside Boston and am having frequent issues with 3G and 4G connectivity.  I waited a long time for this phone.  Where’s the fix?!?!?!

    • Philm892

      I live in the midwest and am frequently moving from 3G areas to 4G areas and my Nexus takes so long to switch.  I had to wait over 15 minutes this passed weekend for my phone to pick up 3G signal after leaving a 4G coverage area.  I am extremely frustrated, mainly because I had to wait so long to get this phone and am now having all of these problems.  On the bright side,  the only problems I have had so far are easily fixed by software updates.  The hardware on the device is phenomenal.