Battlefield 3: New DLC map ideas for DICE

By Alan Ng - Jan 2, 2012

If you have been playing Battlefield 3 religiously since it came out in October, there’s little doubt that you’ll be very satisfied with what DICE has offered so far in the way of DLC via the excellent Back to Karkand expansion pack that added new maps as well as new weapons, vehicles and assignments.

Back for Karkand has been out for the good part of a month now though, and naturally gamers are going to be thinking what is next on the agenda for Battlefield 3 in terms of adding DLC to the game to make it even better. Firstly, if you haven’t played Back to Karkand you don’t know what you’re missing as for a free piece of DLC it really doesn’t get much better for Battlefield fans, just spend a few hours on Wake Island and you’ll see what we mean.

As for the future, we’re assuming that DICE are planning to release a lot more DLC for the game, and it is going to be a very exciting prospect for fans to see what comes next after Back to Karkand. Will they add some brand new, never seen before content to the game, or will they continue in the growing trend of remaking content to suit Battlefield veterans?

Back to Karkand contained four remade maps from BF2 using the Frostbite 2 engine of course, and if they are planning to release more of the game, we would like to see some remade maps from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 thrown into the mix. BFBC2 features some very memorable maps which we feel Battlefield 3 players would love to see make an appearance and we can offer a reminder just to refresh your memory. One map that would be perfect for Battlefield 3 is Panama Canal, arguably the most popular map from the game. It’s big enough for a great session on either conquest or rush, and the addition of jets and helicopters would give the whole map an entirely different look – maybe throw in one mobile AA for the two teams to fight over as well for good measure.

Other maps that we would like to see in Battlefield 3 is Arica Harbor and Laguna Alta. Of course, we wouldn’t mind seeing some brand new content for Battlefield 3 as well, but we have a feeling that more remade maps will be on the way next. Back to Karkand is proving to be a huge success, so why shouldn’t they continue with this formula?

If you have Battlefield 3 and have loved every minute of Back to Karkand, what would you like to see next for DLC? Brand new maps or some more remade content from previous games? Don’t forget about the Battlefield ‘2143’ rumors that you can read about here.

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  • Galleyslave

    we should add some of the awesome maps from Battlefield Badcompany 1 like Par for the course, Crossing over(My favorite), valley run,Harvest day, basically i want too see more fortified european farmlands to fight in with outposts and trenches, and bunkers, also adding the Hind and the stationary artillery as well as a bradley fighting vehicle would be cool, i also don’t really like the way a lot of the soldiers look in battlefield 3 I think it would be cool if they added an appearance pack which let you have the apearance of the classes from badcompany one and 2 personally i really liked the spatznaz medic with the beret in bfbc2, but also liked the fact that the assault soldiers for both sides in bfbc1 had faces and just were your stereotypical grunts rather than those supper elite looking mediocre characters they have for assault in bf3 the us guys helmet doesn’t even look american and the Russian guy wears a scarf and ski mask on a desert map who would do that a bfbc1 character would look the best . maybe they can add a pack which lets you change your appearance to that of a character from the old games. also it be cool if you could be one of the mercs. oh and add the xm8 and mg3 + uzi and maybe ak47 + f2000 with grenade launcher #>:C  of course.oh and fix the barrel glitch BETWEEN THE MP412REX AND THE AN94 WHY DON’T YOU! >:L    THANK YOU…..  THANKYOU FOR READING MY COMMENT 🙂

  • sam

    I loved BF2 but when I play BF3 It’s missing a lot of the good that BF2 offered. Don’t get me wrong I love all the new bells & whistle, but it seams more like a MWF game. The main reason I loved battlefield 2 was it was way different from the MWF games, maybe Dice should implement the great qualities from BF2. I miss Arica Harbor.

    • thedude

      you mean bfbc2????????????? dont get that confused

  • Krispykleen

    heres a thought, how about something “new”? lets stop remaking old maps and make a brand new map for a brand new game.

  • Miguel Cardoso

    a map that is just a large area of desert and some rocks and it’s just tank to tank. each team gets 12 tanks or 32 on PC and they go head to head.

  • Arica Harbor on the frosbite engine would be sick.  I’ve been playing this game religiously since it came out and this DLC is something else.  WOW.  Bigger, Urban, streets and alleys New Gats New Whips.  Holy smokes this game just dropped it to third gear and we’re racing to the top of something BIG.  Trying to memorize these maps on Conquest is quite the challenge since they are so huge but man it’s awesome.  The patches have made this game more competitive while the over powered issues have been smoothed out like the IR scope.  The weapons handle cleaner and they are moving ina  revolutionary way towards the Shotguns with Frag ammuniation that lack close quarter power but are amazing at mid-long range.  This has never been seen in the shotgun world since we’ve been brainwashed as a close quarter weapon lacking of much respect.  Think again.

    • Jurlaer

      Frags are for noobs

    • Swicksam

      Love Arica Harbor can’t wait

  • Jurlaer

    I would like a game mode that is kind of a mix between rush and CQ.  
    two teams: one defend /one attack.  (needs to be on very large map…the map is completely open like a CQ map)
    Game starts with rush style crates or some objective that makes you set and hold two or three positions until they blow up or something (just like a rush style crate). 
    here is the kicker ….
    There are about ten different places on the map where these first objectives may appear…so, you don’t (at first know) where you are attacking before the game starts.  After the attackers destroy the objective the next objective appears…where(?) well that is a mystery until it happens….there are ten random places the next one can appear on the map….this position may be a flag or hill that needs to be held or a set of objectives that need to be completed by different squads within a time frame….the different objectives can be at different places as well.  This one is a huge team effort.  You may have to hold two flags at that same time for 30 seconds at two different locations to move to the next objective….etc…this goes on for three to five total “moving” objectives.  This forces teamwork and keeps the attacking directions and strategy different each game.  The defenders could know ahead of time where the objective could be….hope this makes sense.

    The other idea would be to have a special forces game where there are two teams.  One team are the Operators (special forces) team with 8 players (2 3-man squads on the ground and 2 players in the air one chopper) against a force of 12-20+ players who are defending.  The Operators team has objectives that the defending players don’t know about.  The defending team has weapons but without any tech like scopes and sensors….(just bare bones) etc.   The Operators have all the high tech equipment along with the chopper team in the air.  The defenders have ground to air missiles etc but nothing to fancy.  However, they have unlimited ammo where the Operators have limited ammo (so no ammo kits for the operators).  The operators have two to three objectives and then need to get back to the safe zone.  Both teams have tickets that are used up when a member re-spawns….however, the Operators have a much smaller amount like 34-45 where the defenders have 80-100.

  • Ashley

    Voip for PC maps

  • EpicBF3

    Map Ideas:
    Sand Dunes
    City (New York)
    Airport (Lots of pavement, runways, taxiways, hangar buildings, a terminal and a control tower to snipe from)

    More at night.

    Game Modes:
    2 vs 2 or 4 v 4 (small team, single squad only games)
    Free for Alls

    .458 Socom
    Tac-50 (.50 BMG, Bolt Action)
    Anzio 20mm

    V-22 Osprey
    Harley-Davidson M350E

  • Lil Rizky

    Here are some ideas

    1. Bc2 pack:
    Maps – 4 bc2 maps reimagined with the frostbite engine
    Nelson’s bay
    Panama canals
    Arica bay
    Kahuna press
    Gives a Variety of terrains (snow/jungle)

    Weapons: 10 bc2 weapons that are unlocked by assignments like in b2k
    Some suggestions:
    Assault – aug, xm8
    Engineer – xm8 compact, scar-l
    Recon – m24, ssv
    Support – pkm, mg3
    All kits – Uzi, spas-12
    Bc2 vehicles like the jet ski

    New mode: bring onslaught back, but as a survival mode, tweak spme mechanics, levelling up etc. available on all maps with different times of day.

    2. Attack in new York – no us maps were found in battlefield 3 despite their being a mission in new York so why not bring a us themed pack
    4 maps set around the USA 
    – new York city (urban tight combat)
    –  Beverly hills – on massive
    Straight road with Side routes
    – Vegas 
    – a more open map in the southern states maybe for more vehicle warfare

    Weapons – again with the assignments but keep the Guns American: 
    Assault – ACR, cm903
    Engineer – someone can fill this in
    Support – mk6, stoner 
    Recon – intervention, rsass
    All kits – vector, AA-12

    Possible mode – last man standing (free for all – no spawning)
    Air supremacy

    3. Euro forces – 4 maps set around Europe- Germany, Italy, UK, Greek islands ( possible amphibian only level)

    Guns from Europe unlocked by assignments
    Assault:  – famas g2 variant, beretta AR-70
    Engineer – FNC, 
    Recon – L115a, fn fal
    Support – hk21, aug-hbar
    All kits – mp5, spas-15
    Air supremacy mode (selected levels: 
    Greek island, wake island, kharg island etc.

    4. Dino mode – self explanatory
    4 brand new maps ( perhaps influenced by dinosaurs in some way 
    10 bran new weapons unlocked by assignment 

    Also ideas such as snow/jungle camos, weapon camos, new attachments, day/night cycle can all be implemented through these 

  • Richardcemail271

    frostbite 2 has huge potential. they need to take advantage of it more like maybe a city battle in tall skyscrapers with choppers shooting at people while they parachute from roof to roof.

    an completly indoor map would be cool. like an office with tables blowing up and walls breaking. people falling out with no parachute to busy streets below

    definatly get an all air map like coral see and maybe all tanks map or a mixture of all tanks and all airforce

    a realy dense forest with lots of trees and tree houses and sniping spots would be awsome. set traps and maybe even through some animals in it to give it a different feel

    • Anonymous

      Great ideas Richard

    • Maxidaredevil1

      The part where you said animals in teh dense forest intrigues me maybe have it so that when an enemy is near a deer or whatever is spooked if there not hiding or whatever and alerts you to teh enemy’s presence, just a thought…

  • Dynasty2021

    As much as I’d LOVE to see Harvest Day in BF3, they wont do it and shouldnt do it.


    Err, because Bad Company is NOT Battlefield. It’s a different series.  It’s Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and 2. 

    Battlefield 3 is a sequel to Battlefield 2.  It has nothing to do with Bad Company.

    Annd judging by the BC2 map pack release times, we wont see anything new added to BF3 until the summer.

  • The Sniper

    Arica Harbor, Panama Canal, Heavy Metal, and Atamaca Desert. Also, some new weapons wouldn’t hurt haha

  • smythson

    I’d love to see a map with a focus on planes and choppers like Coral Sea or Battle of Britain from BF1942.

  • they should do what they did in battlefield 1943 where there is a mode only for jets. then for the consoles they should make 16 vs 16 ONLY in conquest because that is where the maps expand. making conquest more fun then what it already is. 

  • Katun

    My personal favorite conquest maps from BC2 were:

    1 – White Pass
    2 – Laguna Presa
    3 – Arica Harbor

  • lambsack111jr

    good rush maps would be nice with cool cinematic things like in damavand peak with the base jump

  • Anthonylee52

    after reading aaron gabbard post, i can say there is a problem with the classes like support. when i start multiplayer for support i’ll have an rpk, then when a new game start i’ll have a totally new gun and the rpk won’t be in my inventory anymore that needs to be fix.

    • It is because of the team switch, US equipment is different than RU equipment, including guns and vehicles. But you still have some guns that you unlock that you can use for any class for any team.

    • tactical header

      weapons change depending on which team youre on. if youre the americans, youll have the m27 iar, with the russians, the rpk. itll stay like that until u start unlocking guns for that class

    • Yukweoe

      you changed teams and only certain weapons are for certain sides(countries)…you must be new and haven’t unlocked all the weapons yet….you will get to a point where you will have those weapons for both sides.

    • Yukweoe

      you changed teams and only certain weapons are for certain sides(countries)…you must be new and haven’t unlocked all the weapons yet….you will get to a point where you will have those weapons for both sides.

  • Anthonylee52

    i would like to see the four player co-op from bad company 2 come over to bf3, that was a hot add-on.

  • Instead of DLC why don’t Dice Give us downloadable content that FIXES all the Ps3 issues such as Voice Chat, The QBU 88 and MG 36 Not working on Back to Karkand Conquest, Allow us to see our dog tags at the end of the round and the input Lag!!!!!!

    • Hojjoinjeniih

      the voice chat SHOULD be priority!!!

  • Chaff

    Instead of a map pack how about weather conditions and night settings on current maps? Just a thought

  • Rayanramadan1

    I would really like to see a map that is snowy and has snow mobiles.

  • Dave Dood

    A mix of new and old.  Ghost town in BF2:SF rocked.  Snow maps, jungle, like someone said.  Grand Bazaar does have rain by the way, at least on the PC version.  Yes, dynamic weather effects, day/night cycle would be awesome.

    I want a map like Caspian Border but a mix of urban AND rural, something with a good mix of both.  You could have multiple battles going on in different environments at the same time.  AND PLEASE put more vehicles in the larger Maps.  

    THIS is why Wake Island is such a success, it has the right amount of vehicles for it’s size.  Caspian and Firestorm all you do is WALK around constantly, all the stupid vehicles are at the main bases, so dumb.

  • Jordy-davies

    A RAF Base Designed Like The Snowy Mountain Side Mission On CoD 6

  • Scott Damery

    I would like to See new environments; Jungle; snow; something in a down pour of rain; even a desert scene with a random dust storm to really mix things up …make it last 1 minute to ground the air vehicles. Maybe an urban scene where you can topple buildings into each other?
    Next phase of destructible environment is to allow us to use the rubble to push into barricades. so many possibilitys

  • bedlam

    arica harbor and laguna presa are awful conquest maps (on console atleast), now bc1 maps thats a different story acta non verbra and crossing over please dice.

  • kameleon

    imo bad company 2 MP maps are the most boring ones in the hole battlefield series…

  • riv5ival

    Would love to see Africa harbor in bf3

    • jay

      hell yeah and panamal canal