Battlefield 3: DICE backlash over FAMAS ‘overpowered’ tweak

By Alan Ng - Dec 30, 2011

The majority of Battlefield 3 players will agree that the latest game in the franchise is arguably the best and provides a great deal of enjoyment whilst playing online multiplayer. However, there is still some minor problems that are ever present in the game and one which seems to be getting a lot of attention is the new FAMAS weapon which is included in the Back to Karkand DLC expansion pack.

We have told you in the past that DICE has already delivered tweaks to the tactical light and IRNV scope, both of which were the subject of intense debate amongst gamers. However, we can tell you that DICE are also preparing to issue another major weapon tweak and again it will be met with divided opinion for those that believe the weapon and scope tweaking should be left alone.

The weapon that is going to be singled out for attenion is the FAMAS, as it looks like DICE agree with the collection of gamers that believe that the FAMAS is overpowered. If you have been playing Back to Karkand on Battlefield 3, you’ll know that the FAMAS is a very powerful weapon indeed, especially when combined with the foregrip attachment that you’ll unlock shortly after using it.

One of the main gameplay designers for BF3 agrees that the FAMAS needs some work, as Alan Kertz posted this message on Twitter specifically talking about the FAMAS:

”After playing with and without fore grip on my FAMAS, not sure I could nerf it enough lol. Hmm, this one is a biiiiiiiiiit OP”

He is basically saying there that the FAMAS is overpowered when combined with the Foregrip, and revealed that the reason the FAMAS was released into BF3 in this state was that he was actually on vacation and didn’t have a say in the testing of the 10 weapons that gamers can unlock in Back to Karkand via assignments. So that statement above confirms that a patch is on the way to tweak the FAMAS, but we have a feeling that a lot of you will not be happy about this.

After tweaking the IRNV scope to make it almost useless in game, are you worried that they may now do the same to the FAMAS? We’re willing to bet that hardly anyone is using the IRNV scope now with their weapons after the changes that DICE made. We’ll have to wait and see if the same fate lies to the FAMAS.

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  • Skippy McGee

    Fine, the the SCAR-H is underpowered!  That’s right, I said it!  The SCAR-H in the game is underpowered for what it is meant to represent in real life.  The SCAR should be more powerful and more stable than the FAMAS, but enough with the weapons tweaks already!  What? Are we going to tweak all the weapons until they’re exactly the same!  Go play Halo if you want to see the exact same weapons wit the exact same characteristics over and over and over….  While I’m on the subject, the PP-2000 is ridiculously overpowered. Now, do I want it changed? NO, because I DON’T SEE A THOUSAND PEOPLE PILING ON THE SAME WEAPON!  Plus, it makes it more fun for noobs to make an unassuming weapon like the PP-2000 more powerful than the SCAR and noobs make the game fun sometimes.  Stop tweaking useless weapons attributes unless the weapon is ACTUALLY making game-play truly unbalanced and crunch those numbers first before you destroy what makes the game interesting. Data collection comes before assessment, remember???  Do something useful and make it so my selected fire mode when I die is selected when I re-spawn!  DICE should be ashamed of themselves for turning the INRV in a useless implement, that’s just stupid and it flies in the face of their achievement: Making a game that immersively simulates a battle and that people can make their own unique experience of.  I generally do not find shaming people very useful or productive, but when it fits….  Shame on DICE for tweaking weapons, consult some actual soldiers first, that’s who I tend to listen to, not some suit trotting back from Starbucks hopped up on java.  Sorry, that was pretty nasty…. but you’re pissing me off!!!  ;0)  In plain English: Do not make every weapon in the game the same, that is completely self-defeating.  You know it, I know it.

  • No_Nickname

    This game is far from being the best game in the series, what was this writer thinking lol

  • Dynasty2021

    ”We’re willing to bet that hardly anyone is using the IRNV scope now with their weapons after the changes that DICE made.”

    Being used just as much as before the nerf.  The nerf hardly made a difference.

    • Capt Winters

      Truly don’t know what you’re talking about. Do you not see the added fog effect, the slowness of the function, and the fact that enemies really don’t appear on some levels? (I will continue to use Op Metro as an example).

  • finally this gun is goin to be nerfed, the multiplayer is FULL of noobs using it…, is really annoying.

  • finally this gun is goin to be nerfed, the multiplayer is FULL of noobs using it…, is really annoying.

  • Thisisdonald

    It’s a shame they don’t listen when it comes to keeping squads together and the terrible coms… almost makes me miss my xbox

  • Always just stay with my G36C, Grip, and Holo anyway. 

  • Al

    I’ve used the the N00b T00b FAMAS gun, I don’t like to use something that takes no effort.   Everyone is using (cough, Exploiting, cough) it, because it’s Way Overpowered.  BF3 players know it too, there are just some that Always want to take the easy way out.  From unlocks to rank, nobody wants to actually Work at it, pathetic 🙁

    YES the FAMAS is WAY OP, I can hardly WAIT for the whining little cry babies after the nerf.

    • 4stargohan

      Grow up dude, seriously you’re just some punk that thinks he’s hard.

    • SinAsMad

      You probably cry OP on any weopon when a better player beats your whiney ass with it. Famas has a horribly slow reload time. That’s it’s weak point. No grip makes it jumpy at long range but the gun is good short medium even without grip. So what they gonna nerf?

  • riv5ival

    I’ve not used the IRNV scope since they changed it I see it as completely useless now.

  • John

    Not sure about nerfing weapons ect, but atleast they are listening to the people that actually buy the game unlike another fps developer cough cough

    • Ashley

      Not about PC voip though…

      • Rolande_D

        You might be aware that they’re going to patch this soon, thankfully.