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PS Vita reviews cite battery life as problem

If you are planning to pick up a US or EU version of the Sony PS Vita when it launches in February, there’s a high chance that you are keeping a close eye on the feedback regarding early reviews for the Japanese model which is already available to buy.

The good news, is that the PS Vita is looking like a solid addition to Sony’s PlayStation family, with many positive aspects including a very healthy launch lineup awaiting all EU and US buyers. However, from the collection of reviews that have already been published for Sony’s latest handheld, it appears that the biggest problem attached to the device is one which many gamers were worried about as soon as the Vita was announced – battery life.

Yes battery life, the single factor that seems to plague some of the most popular devices in the electronics market. The Nintendo 3DS came in for initial criticism over its far from impressive battery life, and it seems that the PS Vita is another device that will only offer reasonable battery life and nothing which gives the impression that the battery life featured on the Vita is worth getting excited about.

One review which talks about the potential worries involving the battery life comes from Engadget, as they have stated that the basic three hours of battery life that gamers will get with the Vita isn’t good enough, and may even turn out to be a deal-breaker for when the device arrives on February 22nd. Furthermore, the possibility of Sony releasing a revised PS Vita model with thinner dimensions and longer battery life may tempt the bulk of PSP owners to adopt the ‘wait and see’ approach with the Vita.

If you have been busy reading the reviews which are already up, how concerned are you about battery life? Is three hours sufficient for you, or do you believe that three hours simply doesn’t warrant the obvious premium price that Sony are commanding for the Vita. There’s another review over at Joystiq here which you may also be interested in reading through. Time will tell to see how the new handheld fairs.



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