Can Microsoft really take on the iPhone 5 in 2012?

By Gary Johnson - Dec 29, 2011

We have already heard how the Android and iOS platforms have increased their market share over the holiday season. While both of these platforms surge ahead of the competition, it leaves the likes of the BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms picking up the pieces. Now there are rumors of Microsoft releasing some ‘superphones’ next year, but can Microsoft really take on the iPhone 5 in 2012?

There will be many of you who have your favorite between the big two, and would maybe never consider trying anything away from Android and iOS. There have been rumors recently of the iPhone 5 seeing a fall release date next year, and according to The Telegraph a roadmap has been leaked for the Windows Phone platform.

These are rumored to include new devices that will feature HD displays and powered by multi-core processors, which will be based on the upcoming A15 from ARM. These so called superphones are believed to be coming during the fourth quarter of 2012, which is around the same time as the proposed iPhone 5 will become available.

Microsoft’s new smartphones will also be released alongside a new version of its Window’s Phone operating system and called, Apollo. When the company released Mango it was mainly well received by users and reviewers alike. Sales on the platform have been a bit disappointing so far with the market share believed to only be around 1.3 percent.

Before Apollo is released there is another update planned called Tango, and according to the roadmap during the second quarter of 2012 will help the platform reach cheaper handsets. Nokia has already stated that it would only begin to fully exploit the partnership with Microsoft once Apollo is launched.

Trouble is the longer Microsoft waits before getting an even better operating system to the market they could fall further behind the big two. It’s all well and good having smartphones with the highest specifications, but how any such device integrates with consumers other gadgets and content is also as important.

Microsoft has to try and get consumers to give their devices a try and somehow convince them to ditch either Android or the iPhone. Currently the company doesn’t seem to be doing this even though those who have switched platforms have mainly been positive about the change.

Would you ever switch to the Windows Phone platform?

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  • Mikeknelson

    wrincis you are a idiot my wife has a blackberry torch and that thig is the biggest pile of crap compared to my samsung focus. Here is a saying for you to put in Windows Phone= Just Works!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fill in the blank:

    Blackberry = never miss a call OR an email
    iPhone = the web in your pocket
    Android = iPhone for Verizon subscribers
    WindowsPhone = ???