Battlefield 3: Mid-air sniper kill defies belief

Over the last few weeks we have been telling you about various Battlefield 3 feats which go above and beyond any normal gameplay act which you’d expect to see in game. First it was a mid-air RPG kill, then we had some amazing ground RPG kills, and now we have a contender for best mid-air sniper rifle kill to show you as well.

Despite the fact that sniper rifles are obviously not meant to be used in mid-air, try telling it to one Battlefield 3 user who used his quick instincts to take out an enemy after bailing from his chopper. If you’ll watch the video below you’ll see the player deliberately exit from his chopper to take out a ground enemy who is running from a burning vehicle, only for the player to amazingly catch him mid-air with an L96 sniper rifle.

The player then attempts to get back in his Little Bird chopper and make a quick getaway but fails in this part since he then gets blown up once landing back in the chopper. However, take nothing away from the mid-air kill though and remember that it was also a headshot with the L96 to take him out with a single shot.

Have you ever seen a better mid-air headshot with a sniper rifle on Battlefield 3? We doubt that this beats the likes of Rendezook and his mid-air RPG kill, but it is still a great Battlefield 3 moment, just a shame that he couldn’t survive by getting back into the chopper after performing the kill. Watch the video for yourself below and let us know what you think about it.

Is it luck or brilliant skill in your opinion?



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