Skyrim DLC to draw you back

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 26, 2011

It took many years to create the world of Skyrim, and most people would agree the results of that development are clearly shown by a game that demonstrates how immersion should really be done. We all know that Bethesda are working on Skyrim DLC, although for some players this is the one reason they’d start playing again.

While it’s hard for some gamers to believe, we’ve heard from a few Skyrim owners that have stopped playing, and each has their own reasons for doing this. For some it’s the apparent framerate issues that some PS3 players are plagued with after the latest patch (these people want a fix and DLC is the last thing on their mind), and for others it’s boredom after spending hundreds of hours playing Skyrim.

If you’re one of those players waiting for DLC to bring you back to Skyrim, or maybe you have a few ideas for DLC that will create an even better Skyrim, then feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Our Skyrim DLC ideas and those we’ve had sent in by email and comments so far are pretty cool, and show that Bethesda can improve one of the best games to release in a few years.

So what downloadable content can draw some gamers back to Skyrim? Some people want enhancements like trading in dragon souls for 1 perk point to make dragon hunting more interesting, and item sorting in containers, although these could be free updates rather than a big DLC download. When it comes to DLC that really expands Skyrim’s world we’ve seen many story ideas and possible locations for new areas to expand the map.

DLC that follows up with destroying the advances of the Thalmor is something that some players feel was missing in the main quest, and then the idea of learning more about the mysterious Akavir could please others. Most players would like the idea of a whole new quest line that involves you going to one of the other provinces or continents, although some of our readers like the idea of more innovative DLC that brings an arena like in Oblivion, which also has multiplayer and maybe a dragon shape shifting power similar to Divinity 2.

After spending well over 200 hours playing Skyrim and stopping for the last couple of weeks, not due to boredom but rather commitments, we’ve had a chance to think about the tactics side of the game and what we’d like to see added as DLC. While we played the main quest and helped crush all armies that stood in our way, I couldn’t help think what it would be like to be a Jarl and command a little.

We’d love to see the Dragonborn become a Jarl, which would then give more power, respect and add a little command tactics to Skyrim. Having our own personal army that could lead to bigger things, like uniting Skyrim by becoming High King. Could you imagine battling the Thalmor or Falmer like this?

If you have become bored of Skyrim or have a few ideas for DLC, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  • they should put the arena as a dlc. make it where you get cptured and forced to be a slave and have to fight for your freedom.
    Have the dwarfs come back. but with a hole new hidden city they summon you to there forbidden city to help them fight back .
    spears and i think we should be able to play music as a bard. also turn into a dragon after all in oblivion the other dragon born did.
    And have leggings i wish skyrim had leggings for your armor i love to mix and match sometimes i like to run around with a shirt off. but cant cause there are no leggings.
    Please comment.

  • Welshie

    I reckon armour should be a lot more gender/race specific and if you find a set of armour that isn’t compatible, you could go to a forge and either pay the blacksmith to alter it to your race/gender or do it yourself if you have the required smithing skill. It’d add a lot more immersion/realism and it would also allow the beast races with tails to start wearing decent armour without looking completely retarded and having their tails no-clip through steel or dwarven metal… >_>

  • Topherpenny

    I think there should be the option of creating an outfit so that you don’t have to select each individual item every time

    We should be able to have the option of fast traveling inside or outside certain buildings like dragons reach or the ragged flaggon

    Magic from on top of the horse?

    Quick load/ save be available for those without kinnect

    • Topherpenny

      Also be able to dump an entire category of items into a container (mainly for emptying ingredients)

  • cheetah

    I think that you should be able to do more things with your wife.  Like you could remarry for the xbox.  You should also be able to work like a partial job.  You have a set of days already, so why dont you make a job out of it.  You should also be able to actually have hunger instead of food just healing you.  There should be two dragons that you should be able to ride too. Parthonox and Odahviing.  The one thing that I’ve really wanted though is more to do with your wife.  I kid would be nice as well.  Just kind of make things more real life kindof like everyone else said.  Good game though Bethesda!!!!

  • Abraham

    A full fledged Dragons vs Tamriel inhabitants war. I felt the dragons to have been of little significance except for three of them, namely, Odahviing, Parthunaax and Alduin. A full on dragon war would be interesting. The dragons have returned and seek to rule the world once more, Alduin’s death merely delayed their cause, now, led by Odahviing, the Dragons fly to conquer, ressurecting their fallen. The entirety of Tamriel rests on the hands of the only ones who could slay them permanently, the long forgotten Dragonborn, and their mighty Thu’um. The battle will not be easy and the path will not be clear.

  • Milla

    I only have one thing to say: MORE GEAR!!!
    Got bored when I made daedric armor at level 30 or below, to find out that it was the best gear in game… Gearing up with new cool weapons and armor as you level, is whats fun…

  • Faroutmat

    How about a DLC where Arngeir gets a vision from “The Eight” about a secret passage hidden beneath the tower in the outer courtyard at High Hrothgar that leads the base of those who first stood against Alduin and his Dragon Cult. Inside is a series of tests and trials testing the Dragon-Born’s Shouts and cunning in a test to unlock the lost secrets of the Dragon-Born. Ranging from new Shouts to becoming a Champion of the Gods and receiving a “new” Amulet of Kings”.
    After you retrieve the Amulet you can take a journey to the Imperial City to relight the Dragon-Fires and visit the petrified Martin Septim within the Avatar of Akatosh, where upon kneeling inside the Temple of the One, the Avatar of Akatosh comes to life and releases Martin from within it’s body. Even after two hundred years, Martin was kept alive by the blood of Akatosh and grants the Dragon-Born the ability to transform into the Avatar of Akatosh, where Martin then goes to his final resting place among the stars, or stays to become Emperor and reunite the scattered people of the Empire to drive the Aldmeri Dominion out of the Empire and restore Talo to his rightful place among “The Nine Divine”.

    • Knight of the Nine.

      i really like your idea of dlc. tht would be kick ass dude. Talos should be back. its called the nine divine for a reason.

  • Jeffman090

    i think turning into a dragon would be awesome. as for rumors dont know if anyone has wandered mountains and found the gate that leads to another side we cant jump over of go through, looks to be where expansion could be. look at tamriel and skyrim and all the surropunding areas in the game as it has progressed and you can see what my possibly come up

  • darkmane777

    a quest line where you discover a secret surviving dwarven society becoming high king or jarl and overthrowing ulfric or the jarl of solitude from the position trying to be at peace or completely destroying the thalmor influence with the help of the dragon ,armor for your mounts, pets for the house would be nice, more big quests for the dark brotherhood and the thieves guild being able to be a chief of an orc stronghold if the character is an orc and griffions to the world would be awesome as mounts and as enemies also chimeras a questline after discovering the dwarves to helping them take back their cities for the falmer and purging the falmer infestation being able to come to an alliance with the dwarves 

  • Memdrums

    I want more Hammerfell DLC like cool arabic weapons and armous and also different mounts. like everyone wants to ride a dragon but it might be cool having the ability to train sabre cats or bears up for a ride. as well as that I reckon some more vicious and much larger sea creatures would be cool. bottom dwelling serpent/octoupus like creatures would be sick. being able to (when being sold a house by a jarl) choose either to have like an inner city house, an outer city house or a country side. pets like dogs or rabbits. a slave trade system likei n morrowind complete with a quest maybe in the grey quarter or something. saddle bags, some kind of hardcore mode like in fallout new vegas. falmor and chitin armour and weapons and dragon wepons. to be able to use embalming tools would be cool. a bigger more expancive penal system (so that being a prisoner can be a life choice and you can spend hours honing skills and fighting and getting stronger before your release.)

  • Criptvampiress

    One more thing, I think the Khajiit should be more primal. (growl during combat) they need to have things to separate themselves from humans and mer alike. And maybe move their tails more. Like twitching it when agitated much like an actual feline. In general there just needs to be more race oriented traits. Rather then the generic that’s seen in the game now. I think more detail in every race would be an aprovement. It would give the characters more of a foundation to build upon and expand as you play. It would make the dragonborn stand out more and be more unique. As for traits and personality it would make for unique and interesting gameplay because they would determine how your character would react to certain situations; (facial expressions, body language, diolauge options, ect)

  • Criptvampiress

    Also the character should have more personality (cocky, humble, shy, ect) it would make the character come to life. Like it should be an option at the beginning of the game. That way it gives you more ineraction options as well. And the character should acknowledge another’s presence and have facial expressions to match personality type and the situation at hand. And Khajiit and Argonians should have heightened senses being that they are beast races. Khajiit should not only have night vision, but also heightened eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell. And like werewolves they should sprint on all fours. And have more of catlike qualities. And you should be able to interact with the people more then what you do. More dialogue options to match; sex, race, personality, ect. Instead of the basic general rambling. And maybe call you by your name? It would make it more personal and lifelike. Maybe more exotic clothing? And hairstyles? Just a thought. 🙂

  • Criptvampiress

    I’d personally like to see more done with the khajiit race. I felt that they were put on the back burner in skyrim. I think they should have the eye of fear like they did in oblivion. And I think they should have all of the sub-races of Khajiit available. I think the Khajiit are the most intriguing race and would like to see more. Also more hairstyles wouldn’t hurt. I have the 360 version so I am unable to have mods that all of the pc players are able to have. Also you don’t see little elf, Khajiit, orc, or argonian children running around. Why is that? I also think the dragonborn should have a family (spouse and kids) that would give the game more structure. I mean you have a spouse in the tame (in title) although that wouldn’t be the main focus. If that doesn’t get added though, no big deal. Anyways I really think they should focus on the other races as well as the nords. I really want to see the Khajiit expanded upon though that’s what I really want to see for Skyrim DLC. Also I think there should be a way for other races to be allowed in cities. Also I think Khajiit and Bosmer along with more Altmer NPC’s should be available for marriage. I mean think about it, a Khajiit marrying a human is kinda wrong lol. Just saying. Anyways enough of my rambling 🙂

  • Goben20

    I’d honestly want to see another deadra relam. Like sheo’s but someone new like noc’s, or Mehrune’s place. Like noc would have some amazing stealth quest, and Mehrunes would bring back the Arena as you fight for his amusment. Clavicus vile the Deadra of granting power and wishes, there’s some potential with that in itself. Maybe even have a war between two Deadras and your character has to chose a side.

  • Frub

    I imagine very well a picture of Dragonborn in a rainforest with ants visible on the trees, rustling bushes and some new species(humanoids and animals). In skyrim, i believe the fatal flaw was the repetition. After about the 10 millionth bandit lay at my feet dead, I was getting really bored of the game. So how about some new races(more beasts to fight would be awesome), and as i mentioned before little tiny things like ants.

    Skyrim is meant to be of dragons. Oblivion was of daedra and they fitted in the oblivion realm really well. So how about like clearing mountains instead of just dungeons and fight or even enlist the help of the dragon at the end. Possibly an entire realm for dragons or something.


  • Lloydmcgrath67

    in my opinion i think that they should add some more destruction spells, a good organized container system and some new INTERESTING quests. For example, in oblivion when you joined the dark brotherhood you were told to kill someone using things in their house such as a chandileer and only doing it at a certain time. In skyrim its almost like you kill the person just to get it over with, theres just no creativity to it. If it were possible id love for them to extend some guilds to another province such as hammerfell or go back to cyrodill and do some things for another branch of the guild there. It just seems as though the all the guilds in skyrim (except theives guild) were so dry and short with slim to no excitment.

  • Billy-bob08

    CO-OP muiltiplayer that would be so sick you could do the whole storyline with a friend

  • Badjoker1

    I think you should try and make another guild or a whole new storyline for some guilds, the ones I enjoy the most was the theives guild storyline and the dark brotherhood not like the others were bad they were still amazing. You could make like rival guilds towards other guild e.g a different thieves guild to be a rival of the thieves guild .

  • Winring

    I like the idea of a war agenst the falmer or the idea of having a castle or other home like battle horn castle in oblivion or (my favorite idea) another region you can go to such as shivering isles

  • archer01

    I´d like to build my own house (or maybe a castle?) and hire merchants, servants and mercenaries to guard it. Or conquer a tower or a cave and rebuild it.

  • Kmosborne77

    I want the ability to either earn or purchase more perk points. Not being able to max out skills is nonsense.

  • Jimbob

    why not add some snow elves like there is only one left and you have  to do a quest and you unlock it when you beat it and maybe if you can chang your race when you want to

  • Graham Perry

    I want I want I want Hammerfell to be created.  They say it was fighting the Thalmor actively quite recently (I dunno if they still are, but if not, it wasn’t long before the game that they stopped…) and as a state independent of any large-scale nation, and heavily feudal (according to lore), there could be a great deal of fun there.  

    The other possibility is to go on a boat to the north to Atmora (where Ysgramor originally came from[north, even for Skyrim]).  They say that he came from a land in the north, and colonized Skyrim, then was driven out by the elves-at which point he returned to the north, got the five hundred companions, and permanently took Skyrim.  Why can’t we go back and have a whole new continent, apparently not seen by the denizens of Tamriel in thousands of years?  You could do it on the scale of the Shivering Isles-a whole new region that you (Bethesda) have total 100% liberty over, and has hardly even been touched by ingame lore.  

    • graham perry

      Also: a means to get more perks at the end, presumably until you have all of them-whether this is accomplished via money, dragon souls, something else, or a combination, I care not.  

      Also also: I agree with everybody who wants a reward for being such a big help in winning the civil war for their side, preferably in the form of land, complete with castle, garrison, servants, the whole nine yards.  Or some other way to get this; this just seems the most logical to me.  

      Alternatively, they could do something naval.  That would be pretty sick.  They could incorporate that as a part of Atmora, were they to take my above idea (seeing as Atmora is a separate continent).  

    • graham perry

      One more thing: make werewolf transformations time-dependent.  I mean, seriously?  You can choose?  Whoever heard of a werewolf who didn’t HAVE to change once a lunar cycle?  And if once a month seems crazy, remember, they can change how often the full moon is-once a week?  Once every three days (that’s one fast f***ing moon)?  Who knows?

  • highkingofskyrim

    i would love to build my own seperate force…. dont get me wrong stormcloaks and legion are bad ass but it would be great if you could break away from them… purhaps build an army. and also we should get to choose rather if we want to lead skyrim or our holds with fear and control like a dictatorship or give our people freedom like a constatutional monarchy….. also it would be cool if we could start with helgen

  • treuxpaladyn

    Jarl or High King is to small scale, as a Dragonborn Emperorship is our birth right. also wouldnt mind de-nerfing spells to oblivion standards.

  • Rowan

    1 – Bring back player-character function that makes him/her looks at other npcs around them (and show emotion) instead of the empty-looking shell the player-char looks like by staring in a blank direction.

    2 – Make npcs call us by title, not just dragonborn, but also archmage, companion master etc (not normal having a college teacher call the archmage “stupid”)

    3 – Dragonborn not respected/known enough. No monument of him/her. Maybe give him/her a bit more popularity? Recognition?

    4 – Available for marriage Khajiits and Wood Elves

    5 – Join or destroy Thalmor

    6 – Stop war for good?

    7 – Explore other places, at least Cyrodiil or Morrowind

    • Criptvampiress

      Yeah that’s another good thing they took away from oblivion, the way your character actually acknowledged another character and had facial expressions to match the situation. I think you should also be able to kind of give your character personality (cocky, humble, ect) that way it sort of changes the way they interact and express emotion.

  • Jackbewitch

    In addition to dealing with the thalmor and more territory to explore, I would like to see a fully functional player character or the ability of the dragonborn to be able to transform into a fighting a dragon and back again. Werewolves are OK, albeit not for me, but a dragon to turn into a fly easily and use your shouts that would be something to have fun with.

  • Kris Frank

    yea i would also like a multiplayer to share, kill ,and conquer stuff with friends!!

    • Insertyournamehere

      Skyrim will never be multiplayer. It’s a single player game. If you want multiplayer then you want a different game.

    • If you want a multiplayer rpg like skyrim, try dark souls

  • Kris Frank

    i would like a map pack that can bring you back to savengard and alduins portal to savengard because you can get the last dragon priest mask and kill alot of dragon and rank up easy

  • Diddly Squat

    I would like a player castle placed into the game. I would like to be able to do the following: 

    1. Hire Guards and select Uniform type.
    2. Hire Maids and servants to do my bidding
    3. Have commanders to attack other cities or come to the aid of allies.
    4. Decorate my castle with several options.
    5. Hire hunters who bring home the food and stock the shelves.
    6. Hire Scouts who report back with news concerning nearby lands.
    7. Quest line where enemies attack my castle. Not just three or four but 25 to 30 with capabilities of overrunning and doing large scale damage to the castle that I will have to pay to repair.
    8. Small quests that I can send my guards out to fix the problem or go with them to defeat invading armies, monsters, whatever……
    9. Since I despise the Thalmore maybe have a small army try to land in skyrim and I can go aid any city they attack.
    10. Guard Schedules
    11. Cook and servants that actually make food, sets the table, clears the table, and cleans up the castle. If I drop a cup on the floor they would place it back in the cabinet.
    12. Be able to name some of the guards that I like and give them titles.
    13. Hire weapon smith who places armor and weapons on the racks that the guards pickup and use.
    14. Capability to hire guards for the number of beds that exists in the castle. 50 would be a grand plan.
    15. Get married have a spouse and if someone is rude to her then off with their head.
    16. Have children two is enough. Watch them grow and age, take them with me when they get older to fight battles. Be able to create special armor for them.
    17. Capability to create or choose a family crest
    18 Build respect and or fear in Skyrim and be known as a powerful hold or territory.
    I have so many ideas it’s scary. This would create 1000 hours of playtime and would keep me around. I would for once like to see someone build a DLC that is geared towards managing a castle. Build quests around the management of the castle. I have over 1000 hours of playing Skyrim. I have played every race and would like to continue but getting bored. I am loading mods but they are sometimes just a pain in the arse. I found a few good ones dont get me wrong I love mods. I do also appreciate the time and effort put into the creation of a good mod.

    Well thats my two cents for what its worth.

    Diddly Squat

  • Create an empire of your own. With an Army an rules, so that you can take over the world yourself. But the battle never ends for all the unknown enemy camps that are out there waiting to rebel. That would be nice along with all the other DLC stuff coming out.

  • I would love to see the Morag Tong to be brought into DLC on two conditions:

    1.)You must eliminate the Dark Brotherhood
    2.)Restore the Thieves Guild to it’s former glory

    Some of you may be wondering why it should be presented this way.  First off, the only time you hear about the Morag Tong from any NPC is once you restore the Thieves Guild to it’s former glory.  As you talk to the Dunmer recruit, he tells you about how the faction practically disbanded once the Red Mountain erupted.  Further into the conversation, he reveals that he hopes the Morag Tong will come back and that the Dark Brotherhood puts bounties on any surviving member of the rival guild.  Since the DB Sanctuary near Falkreath is considered the only one left, eliminating them can be the factor that revives the Morag Tong.

    Because this once disbanded guild would come back, this means that you will have to recruit members the same way you did for The Blades for several quests.  Once it reaches a certain number, that will be where the storyline will begin.  For the most part, it will basically be about making the reputation of the Morag Tong greater than any other assassin’s guild.  I would love to see a twist where you get attacked by a group of assassins and on one of their bodies, you discover the same type of note you normally receive from killing a Dark Brotherhood assassin.  This would make the player think the Dark Brotherhood is still alive.  When you get to the end of the storyline, you learn that the Dunmer betrayed you and you kill him so that you can continue on with the Morag Tong.

  • A B


  • i saw someone say pets soooo if pets the also pet dragons then or dragon transformation makes sense since theres a shout to call a dragon and better yet why not give pet dragons more ablitys of there own perks like one dragon does this while the other can’t unless you level them up also leveling you up as well plus alot of people will like to pass that level 81 cap

  • ryandelahaye

    Hmm… dlc… well Personally i think something like sorting the thalmor out will be the last part of the DLC like Lonesome roads  i know  Bethesda  didnt make new vegas but it would make more sense… in a way of such i think the travelling to other provinces  is a great idea more  i loved the way the dlc in new Vegas  linked up in someway so i think just on a small note you should go around the other provenience gathering up all the resistances for the one final battle with all the races can you imagine something like that? 🙂 it would be cool as, also something about the dwemer  because they are pretty cool aswell, as  for dragon riding, its a possibility,but the way the game runs as in buffering  and the speed the dragons move  at there would be alot of painful bugs and  overheated xbox and pc3’s  i suspect but if they could pull it off i’d love it. One thing they should defiantly do is another trip to a realm of oblivion maybe Visiting Sithis’s world would be interesting…  also i agree with spell making  taking  it out was a bit of a let down

    I also think they should implment a thing  like there doing with steam workshop that lets you download and rate mods, and subscribe but only safe mods something like Midas Magic, Wars in Skyrim,  deadly dragons, tytanis crafting system mods like that if they made it to xbox live would improve the game play 100% plus some other little mods… oh and another thing people who keep saying bethsda should put in some kind of multiplayer thing  please stop rasing false hopes  elder scrolls games are single player games thats how its always been thats the way its probobly always going to be if you want something like that join a MORPG or something because its not guna happen the arena is also a fab idea 🙂 

  • Perry Grzela

    so more enchantments more weopans like im not rying to say that the weopans and armor arnt cool but mabye tere could be more and could you guys bring back the bird people from oblivian that was a dlc uh going to hire levels in magic and others and in your character levels too it shouldn’t stop at 81 it should stop at like 400 and alot more missions my friend really hoped to see the pegasis from dagger fall again able to go back to sculdofin. so sorry for the long list those are just ideas me and my buddies think should happen for dlcs oh and armor for your horses

  • In a list:

    1 – More weapons and armor like Dragon Swords, Troll Armor, Ivory blade etc that have been named a lot already.

    2 – To be able to shoot arrows and sword fight WHILE riding your horse, by god, Ocarina of Time had this and its been a long time… Of course, it’s a lot more difficult and it has a lot of cons, but it sucks to no to be able to do so.

    3 – More clans, that you can join as it has been told. Vampire rich clans that reach out to the converted, Silver Hand clan that lets you join them to fight the werewolves, maybe turn into a bandit leader?. This would increase the ways of being good or evil.

    4 – Add more dialogue lines with great NPC like Jarl’s and such, I hate to not to be able to speak to the guys anymore or to only have the same options again.

    5 – I would add a little bit of more gore, the spot between fallout and skyrim. Not as much, but no that little. Oh, and a switch gore on and off option too.

    6 – What about having a farm, being able to plant and create your own ingredients for alchemy, that’d be great. Buy a Farm! not a house! They should add seeds as items of course, and to buy chickens and stuff, it would be like a Harvest Moon game inside Skyrim.

    7 – The “be a Jarl” thing is amazing, and to lead armies and conquer and stuff, but this isn’t a Creative Assembly Total War game and I don’t think that can be implemented. To get to the position of Jarl, yes of course, but no army rallying nor anything like that.

    8 – Horse armor! as part of the dlc.

    9 – Improved dragon AI, they get repetitive.

    10 – Pets

    11 – More insects, love the butterflies and dragonflies but what about ants, or little spiders and stuff to add more life to the world, and ingredients….

    12 – To be able to put the business you want, be it a blacksmith armory or a general goods store, and to be able to sell the stuff you get in journeys as the seller price for once!

    13 – To be able to dig tombs and find items in the corpses or zombies that attack you or diseases etc. You could do this in Fallout 2 and it was great, and there are a lot of shovels in Skyrim

    14 – Bigger patrols of any of the clans that go around? I dont like the three men patrols, I’d like six men patrols as that would be more realistic and a twelve men fight a lot better to watch.

    15 – More wildlife, other kind of fish, at least two more, birds! there are no birds.

    16 – More Dwarven books, please!

    17 – Body perks! Run faster, heal faster, stamina perk, dont know, something like that.

    18 – Horse sprint, a real run! to flee or something.

    19 – An option to place things on things. For example to arrange your house, put bread on plate, not to let it fall 10 times until it gets there and stuff like that.

    20 – Perks for the bows, like two arrows at once. Oh and weapons like flails and spears.

    I’ve more but oh well

  • Hypermephiles

    make it so you can change your charachters hair

  • Hypermephiles

    make it so you can change your charachters hair

  • austin

    anouther idea id add attributes its stupid for every charector to be almost the same speed and for jumping overall id easily say that was a very stupid move for bestheda its like you WANT to make the game worse atributes truely define charectoristics of people

  • austin

    you should add all of them honestly but in seperate dlcs realy they are all good ideas but id say one of the most important is a co-op AND a multiplayer it would be awesome to slay and play with a friend and mabie even marry….. the series needs to be more and more  ps. i love the series of the elder scroll games as a skyrim player id listen to the idea

  • geust

    Personally i think that if they bring morriwind back ,which if u think bout it is unlikely, they should give you the ability to drive the argonians out and take it back for the dunmer. I think its stupid that the argonians shouldnt have been able to conquer morriwind even in a weakened state after the eruption of red mountain. The dunmer are renowned for their fighting prowess whereas the argonians are’nt. they are known for theiving skills.

    • austin

      with the theiving skills they can also use them as expert assassins and archers if you think about they use guriella tactics and if they took morrowind then obisiously they didnt take it by being theives