iPad 3 release date to coincide with Steve Jobs birthday?

By Gary Johnson - Dec 24, 2011

In the past few months there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the release of the next iPad. There have been reports that Apple had already begun production of the device with a release early 2012, and now there is talk that the iPad 3 release date is to coincide with Steve Jobs birthday.

AppleInsider are reporting that Apple is looking to launch the next iPad on February 24, which is the birthday of former CEO Steve Jobs. The clams are coming from sources that are allegedly inside the iPad supply chain. Companies that are providing components for the new iPad are working round the clock to meet Apple’s deadline, and the launch of the iPad 3 is expected to be higher than 4 million units.

Sources are claiming that ODM and OEM makers have been careful to ensure that production lines are running smoothly. It is claimed that employees of Foxconn will only be allowed to take five days off during the Lunar New Year if they are working in the iPad division. Staff at Catcher Technology who supplies casings for the device will also be working overtime during the holiday.

There has been many rumors hinting at an early 2012 release for the iPad 3 for a while now, but until now there has been no specific date. Recently there has been talk that Apple was working on a smaller iPad to take on the likes of the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

It would be a fitting tribute if Apple were to launch the next iPad on Steve Jobs birthday, and would have been heavily involved in previous versions of the device. Do you think it would be nice for the iPad 3 to be released on Jobs birthday?

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  • Catherinejsidoti

    New ipad rocks, love it, everyone who is in business or going to school should own one for anything they do..whether your are a recording engineer, a web designer or a student studying science, it’s imperative to present what you do with the elegant design of the ipad……”Apple is the sweetest fruit on the planet!”  

  • I think it would be a fitting tribute for Steve Jobs to kick off iPad 3 on his birthday. Can’t wait to see what they deploy and I will be pre-ordering as soon as it is available. I thought about an Asus Transformer Prime and did pre-ordered it but their poor deployment caused me to cancel that order to wait for Apple’s iPad. Hope it is worth the wait.

  • Jon

    Well this just further confirms that IPAD 2 let down tablet consumers and Apple needs to kick out another version, before Android takes over.

    • Jbar1956

      Not sure if you are serious or joking about the “before Android takes over”. Apple has dominated this segment of the market. In 2010 they held an 85% share while they did slip to 65% in 2011 that still makes them the behemoth in tablets. I also saw this week that Blackberry was having a fire sale on their 7″ Playbook for $199.00, they are done with tablets it would appear. We have seen the end to WebOS this year as well. I know they are talking open sourcing it, but that remains to be seen. Apple dominates this segment and they still make a better computer than any Window’s PC out there.

  • Smadrywall1

    Well if you read the article its expecting to be released on Feb 24

  • andrew1953

    great marketing idea .Just hope they offer a really good deal to reward their fans and win over a few million Android non-believers.

  • Would like to know when the Ipad 3 comes out!!!