Samsung explain Galaxy S ICS no show

By Gary Johnson - Dec 23, 2011

A couple of days ago we gave you the news that Samsung had given indication when some of the company’s devices could expect to see the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update. There were a couple of former flagship devices missing from the list though, and today we can tell you that Samsung explain why the Galaxy S ICS no show.

When Samsung announced plans for the Android 4.0 update the original Galaxy Tab joined the Galaxy S, by seemly missing out on the update. What’s even more surprising according to Phone Arena is the fact that the Nexus S is getting ICS, and is a similar device to the Galaxy S.

Samsung has now said there is a number of reasons why the new Android operating system won’t be landing on the Galaxy S. These include the Samsung TouchWiz overlay, additional widgets, video conferencing software, and carrier software and localization. Samsung also stated that there are issues with ROM and RAM management.

This news will raise fears that Android fragmentation will still be around even with Ice Cream Sandwich, which was the software that was originally believed to fix the issue. Even though the Galaxy S was launched in 2010, it is still a powerful smartphone that now looks to be getting left behind.

Compare this to the Apple iOS platform that has seen the most recent iOS 5 release become available for the 2008 iPhone 3GS. If you are up to the job you could always put on a custom Android 4.0 ROM on to your Galaxy S, but it’s far from ideal.

Are you disappointed that ICS is not coming to the Galaxy S?

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  • Sleepnumber Todd

    I remember getting the new (at the time) Froyo update a few years ago. I waited with great anticipation. Once I got it many of my favorite apps no longer worked. Eventually everything got updated and I it all got cleared up but I wasn’t very pleased  updating to the latest and greatest and then having my phone not work as good as it did before the update. It was so bad they took the Sirius app out of the market! iheartradio didn’t work either unless WI-FI was connected. I didn’t know who to blame so I spread it around to the phone manufacture and the carrier who pushed out the update. It took around a month to get it all  squared away.

  • Philvic

    samsung must do something..why don’t give other update to improve current gingerbread other thn ics..

  • Amwillia33

    Yes, I’m extremely disappointed! I really like my Galaxy S phone. I’d like to upgrade to a Galaxy S II phone, but I can’t afford to.