MW3 DLC: Video shows four new maps hidden in PC files

Earlier on we told you how Infinity Ward revealed on Twitter that one of the new maps in Modern Warfare 3 would be called Park. Now though, we have additional details for you which seemingly confirm three other new maps that will be included in the DLC for COD Elite subscribers.

It turns out that information on the first DLC content for Modern Warfare 3 is hidden inside the system files for the PC version of the game. One video we have to bring you now, shows how the discovery was made, but more importantly it seems to reveal that the upcoming DLC will feature four new maps.

Aside from Park which you already know about, the video reveals that the other maps could be known as Morning Wood, Overwatch and Italy. This video is particularly interesting, as it references a few map names that we have already heard about. We wrote this report on November 28 which took information from leaked images and first made reference to the Park, Overwatch and Italy map names.

What we haven’t seen is any information on Concrete, but considering that Infinity Ward has now confirmed Park to be an official DLC map, it surely suggests that the other three are legit as well. We have a feeling that Infinity Ward are planning to reveal each map gradually, just like they have done with a first image for Park. We still can’t believe that ‘Morning Wood’ will end up being a final name for a Call of Duty map, as that just sounds a bit ridiculous – if you know what we mean. The video does give Morning Wood a codename of ‘Blackbox’ though, so perhaps this will be changed when Infinity Ward reveal official information.

So there we have it, a basic confirmation that Park, Overwatch, Morning Wood and Italy will be four of a possible five maps that Call of Duty Elite members will get as free DLC on January 22. Give us your thoughts on this.



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