Importance of Xbox 720/PS4 graphics jump

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 23, 2011

We’re just a few days away from 2012, which could give us a taste of what the Xbox 720 will include thanks to a possible unveil next year, if current web rumors are anything to go by. The chances of the Xbox 720 being released in 2012 is slim to none in our opinion, although more leaks and rumors are surfacing as we get nearer to a release date.

One popular concept design website showcased a “next Xbox” design that could be, and can be seen in an earlier article. The images are nothing like the radical designs we’ve seen in the past, and some say they look a lot like the current Xbox 360. You’d expect the hardware to jump considerably after so many years, and it does with this concept design including a 2TB hard drive, GPS, a GPU with 8-cores and following some of the latest rumors, a built in webcam that could be used for Kinect type gaming as standard.

The debate that never seems to end with console gaming tends to be one of gameplay vs. graphics, and while some of us want both, others feel that gameplay is more important than graphics and vice versa. Enhancements like giving every GTA 5/6 pedestrian unique mentalities would be possible with next-gen hardware, although it’s fair to say with the next-generation we’d expect a big graphics jump, and for us this is more important when playing games in 2012/2013/2014, we want ultra real graphics and gameplay thanks to the leaps in technology since the release of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3.

We must also remember that the next-gen consoles have to last much longer than PCs in graphics terms, so seasoned gamers expect revolutionary graphics and maybe much more than current PC hardware thanks to partnerships with manufactures. This task would be harder thanks to the time it takes to launch a new console, although the machine is dedicated for gaming, which gives a massive advantage.

In the last year we’ve seen more and more YouTube videos trying to show what the Xbox 720 and PS4 graphics would look like, and this is mostly done by using PCs that have the latest processor and graphics hardware, which could well be the standard for the upcoming console hardware. You can see a video below this article, and we’d love to hear what you think about graphics like this rendered in real time (NOT pre-rendered cutscenes), imagine gameplay like this on the next-gen console.

How important will graphics be to you when buying the PS4 or Xbox 720 (as it’s commonly known)?

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  • Jacob Winkle

    It’s very cool and all but will it last longer then the other xbox 360s. because you said, The slim won’t do the red ring” but after I had it for 2 weeks it gave me error 86 and I got pissed and got a PS3.
    Like with the xbox I don’t even watch movie’s with it because of this overheating stuff.

  • Stuart Counter

    This in real time would be a far larger jump in visuals than we’ve ever seen before. You might as well call it PS5 because it would effectively mean they skipped a generation IMO. Infact I’d be a little pissed because we should’ve had something in between instead of having to put up with the POS consoles of today.

  • Stuart Counter

    This in real time would be a far larger jump in visuals than we’ve ever seen before. You might as well call it PS5 because it would effectively mean they skipped a generation IMO. Infact I’d be a little pissed because we should’ve had something in between instead of having to put up with the POS consoles of today.

  • Sam

    keep dreaming, the new generation of GPU are coming out pretty soon, I don’t see consoles ever being expansive enough to include real graphic increases. Would be nice for them to include sli gtx 590 but hey they would need to price it to about 2000$. If they want to sell console to average gamers, they can’t include crazy graphics and, they wont. If you want graphics, get a pc, thats the only way for game to evolve faster, consoles are dragging the gaming world down.

  • angie

    agree totally with the article, most would too.

  • Fitz2487

    whats the point of the ps4 and xbox720, the cloud is the future of all computing and gaming

    • Scott

      The cloud stuff is NOT the future of gaming. It’s nice for backup purposes like Apple has, but I am totally against digital downloads and if everything goes towards all that cloud stuff, I will quit new gaming all together, and just stick with my old games. Why have to rely on just another server to play the game you bought, that you don’t even have in your possession. I am not going to have to rely on someplace over the internet to have to work properly for me to play what I bought, that technically isn’t mine since all you can do is stream the game. Cloud gaming only benefits the game companies, And the only benefit I see for the consumer is that you can be lazy and not go to to store to buy it.

    • Asfkl

      Do you have any idea what you’re even talking about…

  • Killer7

    My wish for Xbox720 and PS4 is: better physics, A.I., Audio, Animations, Ambient Interactive and Graphics.

  • Tony

    Why is damienc in my comment??? O_o

  • Tony

    1080p@Damienc1985:disqus 60 fps is a must for every game, I`m expecting the graphx to be comparable with CGI animations.
    I hope that both next xbox and PS4 are monstermachines under the hud, I`m ready to pay up to 1000EUR for a perfect piece of hardware…

  • Gamer

    I think a 120GB SSD will be more than enough for this job.

    • libnolobster

      Do you know how much a solid state drive costs?

  • Vasquezcjuan

    My wish for the next gen of consoles: To make 1080p native and 60 fps the default setting for all games.

  • Dynasty2021

    Well, in order to get those specs to run graphics in the way people show in videos on youtube, you need £1000+ worth of gear.  Graphics card alone will be around the current price of 2 360s. 

    So I know they COULD sell the hardware at a loss and make up the money through sales of games etc etc.  But I seriously doubt they would throw a grand’s worth of gear into a small box (which wont be possible anyway, look at laptops vs PCs.  It’s roughly the same thing here), and then sell it for less than £400?  Err, I dont think so.

    Consoles will never be better than PCs.  Get over it and stop trying to justify it.

    The ONLY reason I want the new consoles to come out, is so PC games can be produced at a higher level and polish like they used to before.  Consoles at the moment are destroying the games industry in terms of potential for new games and ideas.

    BF3 is a perfect example.  The console version has 3 flags in conquest and only 32 players, vs 5+ flags for PC and 64 players.  Console owners are screaming with rage at DICE for not having the same specs for the consoles.

    DICE turn around said it’s not possible as, basically, the console hardware is too crap to do it on the new engine. 

    I could list the amount of games for the PC that have been screwed over due to consoles, which doesnt rage me anywhere as near as original PC games that come out as sequels on the consoles as well.

    I hate everything consoles represent, and cant wait to see the new prices of the next gen consoles in a recession, and watch everyone go bankrupt as they ”MUST HAVE EEEEETTT!’

    • Anonymous

      100% agreed except you got the prices slightly wrong.

      That demo was ran on a pc using 3 GTX 580’s which will cost around £1200 for the card’s alone, then you have the 6 core Intel I7 980 that would also be required so add a further £700 for that, then you will need atleast 12gb of ram at 1600mhz so add another £100 for that as it will need to be triple channel.

      Then to keep up with the speed that the textures etc will need to be compiled and redered at you will need a SSD atleast a 480gb to be able to run the OS and game with the textures etc and a few other games, that will look the same and you can add yet another £500 on to the price for that.

      Then you need the motherboard to support those speed’s so add a further £300, then you need the power supply to cope with everything so add a further £200 then so that you get decent sound you need to add in a decent sound card so add a further £50.

      Then you need to add in a Blu-Ray drive so a further £50.

      Then they would need a decent controller setup so add anything up to £100 for that.

      Anyway those graphic’s will be a long way off for consoles and pc’s simply because the manufacturers and game dev’s just don’t seem interested in doing it.

      • Ender21

        You’re right, those graphics will not be seen for a couple years 2015 possibly and only then by the devs that make games for a single platform.

        I love my console and wont have a real gaming pc again for a long time. I just feel that they are money eating machines and devs have forgot about them almost entirely. Ex: If you did spend around 3000+ on parts alone and built it yourself it is way more expensive than a console and the gameplay expierience isn’t as good right now (in my opinion). Not only that, but if you don’t buy better and better hardware you find yourself as useless as a console in 5-6 years anyways. 

        I really think that devs shouldn’t cater to consoles and not use PC potential because of console limitations. Make two different versions, PC and console. Consoles are so limited because of how expensive the technology is to try and develop to be “top of the line” 5 years down the road. It just isn’t a realistic goal at the price customers will pay for a console.