Possible Droid 4 release date delay, Galaxy Nexus may be to blame

By Alan Ng - Dec 23, 2011

While many Verizon customers will be delighted that the Galaxy Nexus is finally available to buy after a well documented release saga, the same cannot be said for another highly anticipated Verizon-bound handset. The Droid 4 is in high demand, but unfortunately we’re hearing reports that the handset may be delayed into early 2012.

All the Verizon talk lately has understandably been about the arrival of the mighty Galaxy Nexus, with the Motorola Droid 4 seemingly playing second fiddle. The last we heard about the Droid 4’s release was back on December 5th, when we told you that the handset could be launching on Thursday December 22.

Considering that this date is almost upon us and we have heard nothing regarding a release, it is safe to say that the Droid 4 won’t be releasing this week. Usually we would tell you about all sorts of inventory listings, contract prices and so on, but there is nothing for the Droid 4 as of this week – so what has happened?

Here’s the sad part. A report over at Droid-Life claims that the handset could have been delayed by Verizon, and that customers may not see the device release on Big Red until sometime in February next year. There’s no real evidence to these claims, but they highlight the possibility of Verizon focusing on shifting their attention to selling as many Galaxy Nexus handsets as possible first, before even thinking about getting the Droid 4 out – which is understandable. Don’t forget that Verizon also has the Motorola Droid RAZR and the HTC Rezound on their books as well, which may also give an explanation as to why the Droid 4 is nowhere to be seen.

Hopefully we’ll have some more concrete information on the Droid 4 to give you, but in the meantime give us your thoughts on a suspected delay. How badly do you want Motorola’s first 4G LTE handset which supports a physical slide-out keyboard?

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  • Anonymous

    samsung stratosphere……

  • waiting patiently

    “. . .the first LTE handset to support a physical silde-out keyboard?”

    Wouldn’t that be the Stratosphere?

    • Yeah, this guy really didn’t do his homework.  The only reason I didn’t want the Stratosphere is the single core processor.  

      • Anonymous

        Apologies, I was actually referring to Motorola’s first 4G LTE slider.  Updated.