iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S2: Camera priority

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 22, 2011

This holiday season we’ve seen many phone users torn between two devices, the iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S2. The deciding factors are different for each buyer, and it’s fair to say the camera will be one popular dealbreaker, so today we’d like to take a look at this feature on the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S2.

If you’re prioritizing the camera then you could look at the official websites for both these cell phones. Samsung states the Galaxy S2 has an “8MP Camera with LED Flash” and “Full HD 1080p Recording & Playback”, which is expanded with details on the auto focus, ability to switch scenes fast and playback footage at dual core speeds on a 4.3-inch SUPER AMOLED Plus display.

The iPhone 4S has much of the same to show it’s very hard to choose between these two devices, unless you are dead set on Android or iOS. Apple’s phone includes a dual-core A5 chip to keep everything running smooth, full 1080p HD video, an improved 8 megapixel camera with better optics than its last generation and LED flash plus auto focus make taking pictures a breeze.

Apple also point out that it’s not all about megapixels, and the quality is also very important. With this in mind, you’ll need to look at a lot more than just specs if you want to find out if the Galaxy S2 or iPhone 4S has a better camera.

We’ve tracked down two videos that can help in this endeavor, and both of these are shown below this article. The first video runs a 1080p test and shows a split screen, which allows you to see how the Samsung Galaxy S2 compares to the iPhone 4S for video recording, although we’re sure our readers will have a difference of opinion.

The second video compares the cameras in a little more detail, and focuses on the quality of picture and speed. Take a look at both videos and let us know the camera winner in your opinion, is it the iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S II?

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  • omnia2

    as i can see you are not sgs2 fun you are iphone fun and its more likely that you have do something with the setings on camera app so it looks that iphone cam is better…you didnt show setings on any of the two phones…lol…

  • peter lener

    speed of photos is not crucial for me it is quality of extreme closeup–nothing like this was demonstrated

  • Secretperson

    Im sorry samsung. Apple’s iphone has a much better difference then your because it just has a lot more detail then the s2. 

  • Johan!!!

    IMHO the contrast on the samsung is better

  • Itokoch_13

    in my opinion, iphone has a, in a way of saying it, brighter camara. Which i mean tht the images are exactly the same resolution and everything but the iphone has more clarity in the image(also brightness) than the samsung.