Asda HDTV to sell for what some pay for a HDMI cable

By Gary Johnson - Dec 22, 2011

Home entertainment technology has dropped a lot in price in recent years, as large screen TV sets and equipment that is connected to them become more affordable. Since the old CRT television sets started to disappear from our homes and stores, their replacements have fallen dramatically. Today we have news that Asda are to sell an HDTV for what some people spend on a HDMI cable.

Only last month we told you about the supermarket giant selling an affordable Blu-ray player for only £40. Now according to an article over at TechRadar the retailer is going to offer consumers an HDTV to connect it to for only £50.

The HDTV will be available from the 26th of this month as the post Christmas sales kick off, and the TV could stop all those arguments on what to watch this time of year. For your money you get the 15.6-inch Venturer TV that comes with 720p resolution.

Ideal for a kitchen or a small room you also get a built-in Freeview tuner, one HDMI input, 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, and stereo sound. The screen is a backlit LED display that may not be the best TV you can buy but for the money you can’t really go wrong.

Expect to see the little Venturer to quickly fly off the shelves this coming Monday, and if you don’t fancy facing the rush and the crowds you could always try Asda’s online store. Remember the £50 Venturer is available from the 26th so good luck if you are planning on purchasing one.

Are you going to try and purchase the £50 Venturer?

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  • Alan Mascall

    I went out and brought one on the strength of this review and very glad I did. A doodle to set up and picture is more than good enough for the kitchen/kids bedroom. The fact that it is HD ready, has HDMI and scart sockets plus a scart to composite adapter included is big bonus. The Freeview menu is good and even has a separate button for Freeview radio channels is great. The buttons on the remote are a tad small, but for £50 I’m not complaining.