Skyrim PC patch 1.310: Official 4G RAM LAA support returns

By Alan Ng - Dec 21, 2011

We have some important news for PC owners of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim now, as following on from the recent huge 1.3 patch to the game, Bethesda has now followed up with another update for the PC, bringing the game to version 1.310.

This update is definitely a minor affair though, and nowhere near as big as the previous patch update. This is indicated in the version number being 1.310 as opposed to 1.4, and we may see Bethesda release similar minor patches for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions if they have some small issues they need to fix.

While being classed as minor, there is one big change that a lot of you will be happy about, and this is the return of official support for 4GB of RAM when playing the game. You’ll know that this was originally included at launch which allowed the game to run more smoothly and with certain additional mods enabled, but was abruptly pulled in a future patch, much to the frustration of fans. Luckily at the time, a workaround was released to re-enable 4GB LAA support again via a custom mod that was created, but now Bethesda has finally come good and enabled official support for this once again.

According to Bethesda’s official blog which contains the 1.310 patch notes, this update also includes a fix for accented characters not displaying properly at the end of a line. These are the only two areas that have been addressed in this update, but we imagine more fixes are on the way soon in the next update.

As we mentioned above, there’s no word on if a similar update will become available on console, or if Bethesda will skip a minor console 1.31 patch update in favor of focusing on a more significant update which would bring the game to 1.4. If you have the PC version of the game, let us know your thoughts on Bethesda’s decision to bring back 4GB LAA support. Additionally, what else needs to be fixed in Skyrim for you?

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  • Neil

    I got the latest patch still can’t fast travel and when I read a letter or book can’t exit it and when I use showracemenu command I can’t exit it when I press R leaving me with Ok and Cancel menu 

  • Varimarthas

    Fix the bugs.

  • Nope808

    They need to fic the crash to desktop bugs before they do ANYTHING else. My CPU is above the minimum reqs, it can run it, but the minute I start a new game, it CTDs. Fix this Bethesda! I paid for this and I’m gonna play it!

  • Palillos1337

    this helped my performance like none at all. still not using full cpu, still not using full gpu, still not using full memory, and still getting poor performance. 

  • Rickster63

    Can someone help me. I’ve been all over the steam site and can’t find this LAA update..thanks for any help.

  • SkyrimFan

    All the fuckin broken quests!

    • Kim

      What broken quests?

      I’m head of Thieves Guild with almost 50 hours in and I have yet to get one of those infamous broken quests. 

      • concern

        have you started blood on the ice, or picked up finn’s lute/rjorn’s drum/roggvir’s amulet of talos before the actual quest yet?