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PS Vita Vs Nintendo 3DS: Sony wins new battery life video test

As you may have noticed recently, there is now considerable spotlight under the Sony PS Vita since the new handheld device has just launched in Japan. We previously told you about some early problems about the Vita, but now we have a new battery life video comparison with the Nintendo 3DS to share with you.

We told you in the past that the Vita was suitably equipped to handle about 3-5 hours of medium usage using the standard battery included in the box. We say standard battery as there’s also an external battery don’t forget, available as an additional accessory for those who are planning to use the Vita on long trips.

As for the standard battery, it performs reasonably well and we have an example of this to show you in a new Nintendo 3DS comparison video that has been made for the Japanese version of the device. In the video, we see the PS Vita go up against the Nintendo 3DS and also a PSP 3000, all of which are said to be running on the highest available settings.

The video shows how the Nintendo 3DS was first to succumb to the test, only being able to manage 2 hours and 35 minutes before losing power. The PS Vita was next to go, but offered an hour more of gameplay time, with the battery dying at the 3 hour and 47 minute mark. The PSP 3000 showed its sheer brute force by managing to last an astonishing 9 hours.

Many gamers will agree that almost four hours of non stop gameplay on the Vita with maximum settings is pretty good going. Don’t forget that this is with the standard battery, so adding the external battery to that should bring the overall life close to the 6 hour mark. On the other hand, less than 3 hours of gameplay for the Nintendo 3DS is not really good enough, especially for a relatively new handheld. It may be consuming a lot of juice via the 3D slider, but then again the PS Vita is running on a quad-core processor and still manages to outperform the 3DS.

What are your thoughts on the outcome of this battery life test? It’s pretty amazing that the PSP 3000 shown here can last 9 hours, the last time we checked – our PSP couldn’t do that.



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