Next Battlefield 3 update will fix weapon bugs, new 2143 rumors

By Alan Ng - Dec 21, 2011

Earlier on this week we spoke about a few ongoing issues in Battlefield 3, some of which made their way into the game after the recent Back to Karkand DLC expansion pack was released. Well now, we’re pleased to say that DICE has officially acknowledged some of these specific problems we mentioned, and they have said that a fix is on the way soon.

If you have been playing Back to Karkand, you’ll probably know that one of the main issues we’re talking about is the strange aiming bug affecting the QBU-88 auto sniper rifle. We told you how it is pretty useless at the moment when you use the weapon on the older BF3 maps, and in almost perfect timing – DICE has issued a statement on Battlelog revealing that this fix as well as another weapon fix are two key areas that they’ll be focusing on in the next patch.

Aside from the QBU-88 bug, DICE also confirmed that a similar fix is coming for the MG36 light machine gun as well. Here’s what community manager Daniel Matros had to say on Battlelog:

”We would also like to tell you that we have picked up the issue since launch with the QBU-88 Sniper rifle and MG36-LMG in back to Karkand not acting as they should. We have identified the problem and are working on a fix. We will of course keep you posted on our progress!”

So that is great news to hear that this will be sorted out in the next update. Unfortunately, what we didn’t hear from Matros is what other areas they are planning to fix up in the update, as those two weapon bugs are not the only problems in the game at the moment. We previously told you that there’s an issue with the BTR-90 thermal vision on Gulf of Oman, while many of you are desperately hoping for a solution regarding VOIP on the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 as well.

Let’s hope that the next update makes everyone happy. Let us know your thoughts on the weapon fixes, and anything else that you want to see added in the next patch. On a side note, you may have read our previous article informing you about a potential new Battlefield 2142 game, after an easter egg located on Wake Island revealed the numbers ‘2143’. Well Daniel Matros has also commented on the rumors surrounding a new game by posting this message on Twitter when asked if there was any truth to the claims:

”@xdarkness06x I will let the rumors linger a bit before making a statement. It amuses me”

It looks to us like he is hiding something and can’t wait to tell everyone – what do you think?

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  • guest

    hopefully 2143 will be an expansion similar to the vietnam one for bfbc2

  • Jason Hawley

    Ive figured out that the SA-18 IGLA , for me it doesnt shoot. I does the kickback, but it does,not,shoot. 🙂
    I do not want to quit playing battlefield 3 because of all these problems, because I know its a new game and all that.Just please fix it! I want COD fans to be mad because BF3 becomes the ultimate! 😀

  • Guybones

    Making light of the rumour mill is in poor taste given the state of your game. While your paying customer are forced to suffer a broken title, you make jokes about the next game? PS3 usres have been robbed of $60. Get to work.

  • To be honest guns arent the major problem i cant really play any of the new maps cause they freeze on me or a play a little then it freezes so i always have to do a hard reset on my PS3. The only problem i have with guns is when i try to use a recon class on the new maps my arms are above my head.